Windows 11 Tweak: App Monitor Kills Frozen Apps, Catching Up with macOS

Windows 11 App Monitor Kills Frozen Apps, Boosting Productivity.

Operating systems are crucial to ensuring a consistent user experience in today’s rapidly developing technological landscape. Microsoft has been hard at work improving its latest OS, Windows 11, and has now caught up with macOS by offering a neat adjustment to terminate stalled applications. The purpose of this novel enhancement is to make Windows systems more reliable and productive. This article will go into the specifics of this fascinating advancement and examine its potential uses and benefits. Let’s just jump right in!

App Freezing: What You Need to Know

We’ve all experienced the frustration of being in the midst of a crucial work when an app unexpectedly freezes. It’s a potential source of frustration, wasted time, and lost productivity. Users of Windows once had to resort to measures such as the Task Manager and system restarts in order to terminate errant programmes. Windows 11, however, offers a revolutionary fix.

The Clever Alteration: Meet “App Monitor”

Windows 11 now has a brand new function known as “App Monitor.” This robust improvement eliminates the need for laborious steps when closing frozen programmes. Whenever an application on your system becomes unresponsive, App Monitor will immediately notify you.

What exactly does App Monitor do?

You can think of App Monitor as Windows 11’s guardian angel. When an app becomes unresponsive, it alerts the user and presents a streamlined interface for instantly terminating the app. When a user right-clicks on the frozen app window, the App Monitor menu appears with several choices for fixing the problem.

App Monitor Features and Options

  1. By selecting “Close App” the unresponsive programme is terminated, and the computer is returned to its previously functioning state.
  2. Restart the App: Sometimes quitting the app isn’t enough to fix the issue, and you’ll need to try starting it up again. If an application becomes stuck, selecting “Restart App” will forcefully close it and relaunch it.
  3. You should wait for the app to respond if it stops working for a while but starts working again. Users can give the app a chance to recover before taking any further action by selecting the “Wait for App Response” option.

The Value of App-Level Monitoring

With Windows 11, users may take advantage of App Monitor and its many advantages.

  1. Productivity Boost: Being able to quickly stop frozen apps allows users to avoid interruptions and get back to work without missing a beat.
  2. Increased Stability Applications that are slow to respond can have a domino effect on the overall stability of a computer. With App Monitor, you can rest assured that any sluggish or crashing programmes will be dealt with immediately.
  3. App Monitor’s streamlined UI makes it accessible even to those with less technical knowledge. The options available from the right-click menu are well-designed and should let users unfreeze their apps without any difficulty.


The addition of App Monitor in Windows 11 is an important step towards improving the user experience and closing the gap with macOS. With this cutting-edge function, users may finally say goodbye to unresponsive programmes and hello to a more steady and fruitful computer experience. Microsoft’s commitment to perpetual development shows how seriously they take meeting the ever-changing requirements of their customers for an operating system.


Does App Monitor work with every flavour of Windows 11?
Whether you’re using Windows 11 Home, Pro, or Enterprise, you’ll have access to App Monitor.

Can several stalled programmes be terminated at once by App Monitor?
Absolutely! App Monitor’s multi-app closing feature makes it much more useful for fixing inactive programmes at once.

Will App Monitor be compatible with unofficial apps?
It’s true that App Monitor can run both Windows-native and external programmes. It’s efficient at finding and fixing frozen app difficulties in a wide variety of programmes.

Can I alter the settings in the App Monitor menu to suit my needs?
The App Monitor menu options are currently fixed and cannot be changed. Nonetheless, future Microsoft updates could include further personalization choices.

When an app becomes frozen, does App Monitor give any kind of feedback or error messages?
When closing frozen apps, App Monitor does not currently provide any specific feedback or error messages. The unresponsive app is closed immediately, yet this has no negative repercussions on the computer.

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