3 Reasons To Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Traffic Ticket

About 112,000 Americans get a speeding ticket each day. While speeding makes up the majority of traffic tickets, there are others like running a red light or using your phone.

Traffic tickets come at a high cost for drivers. They have to pay fines and they can have higher insurance premiums.

If you have a traffic ticket, you should consult with a traffic ticket defense lawyer. What can a traffic ticket lawyer do for you?

Keep reading to discover three reasons why you should hire a traffic ticket attorney.

1. You’re Not a Legal Expert

Sure, you may watch a lot of court cases and listen to legal analysts on TV. That does not make you a legal expert.

Attorneys for traffic tickets know how to examine evidence to find errors. It’s not uncommon for police officers to make mistakes that can overturn your case.

Police officers may face pressure to make traffic stops. Cities depend on traffic tickets for revenue. This could turn into a traffic stop for no reason.

Traffic ticket lawyers also know how to locate evidence. They know how to access police and traffic camera footage for review.

Not only that, hiring a traffic ticket lawyer leaves an impression on judges.

People who are innocent are likely to hire a traffic ticket lawyer. Most people will accept the fine and pay it without a fight.

A judge will think that if you hired a lawyer, you must think you’re innocent for a reason.

2. Court Representation

One of the unspoken costs of getting a traffic ticket is that you have to show up in court to defend yourself. That means you have to take time off from work.

You’ll either see your income get reduced for that pay period or you’ll have less vacation time. There are additional travel costs like transportation and parking.

When you hire a traffic ticket lawyer, they have the right to represent you in court. You don’t have to take a half-day from work to attend traffic court.

3. The Costs of Fines and Penalties

Is it worth it to fight a speeding ticket? In most cases, it is.

Instead of paying the fine to avoid other issues, consider the costs and benefits of hiring a traffic ticket attorney.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer to fight a speeding ticket? It depends on your case. It may cost between $200 and $500.

Put that up against the cost of your traffic ticket fine and court costs. Add the time off of work and increase insurance premiums.

Those costs are likely to exceed $500. That makes it worthwhile to contact a traffic lawyer about your case.

Don’t Wait to Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

What can a traffic ticket attorney do for you? They have the legal expertise to help you reduce or eliminate the costs of a traffic ticket.

They’ll apply their legal expertise and represent you in court. That gives you peace of mind and you can save time and money in the long run.

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