5 Tips to Solve Math Problem

5 Tips to Solve Math Problem

Math’s is a technical subject but nobody can deny its importance on the global level. Even the smallest measurements included in the daily life are also part of mathematics. We see numbers everywhere around us, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a math world and we just live in it. There are different inclinations when it comes to math, some people find solving math problems pretty smooth however others find it strenuous. It is said practice makes a man perfect, this is hundred percent applicable when it comes to math’s. You could also take help from mathematics academic assisting services for easy understanding as well as for other subjects from websites like Peachy Essay.

The reason why some students find solving math problems tough is because often they don’t adopt the right approach. Math isn’t a subject which can be solved through rote learning or by simply repeating steps. It’s important to first identify the problem and then sketch a rough outline of what method are you going to apply. In this article we’ll be looking at easy tips you can use to easily solve a math problem like a pro.

  • Theory is equally important

If you’re a math major or even if you just have math as simple subject, you must be guilty of ignoring the theory and only focusing on the practical part whereas mathematical theory is indeed equally important. Once you start solving a math exercise the initial questions are obviously often the easiest but just as you move past the exercise, the problems start twisting and become complicated. Reading the theory properly gives you a clear idea of how a concept/logic works and if the questions get twisted how they can be solved.

  • Thoroughly read and absorb the math problem

Math can be confusing if you don’t properly differentiate between various questions and techniques. So the first thing a math student should do is carefully read and then reread the problem. You need to identify the method to solve the particular problem which requires careful analysis of the question. Let’s say you come across an algebraic question, you first need to breakdown the question into various parts where there is a possibility of applying different formulas at different steps.

Another important point is to separate the relevant information from the irrelevant information. This strategy is especially applicable when solving word problems. Considering algebraic problems, learning various formulae and their application can be burdensome so it’s better to first properly understand where to exactly apply the formula because not all questions of an exercise are the same.

  • Dedicate time to each problem and do your rough work

A common mistake students often make is that they become over-confident while solving math problems, it might feel as if you know the solution just right but there could be other ways of solving the math problem. Hereby, if there’s a confusion that the problem could be solved from more than one method then you should always draw a rough outline of solving the problem on a rough page. Rough work is an essential when it comes to solving math problems, you should never directly solve the question on the neat space even if there’s a slightest of the doubt, always go for rough work to be sure of the right solution.

Moreover, dedicate specific time to process each math question and do some mental math’s to assure yourself of the solution. Following the right steps and solving the problem correctly would eliminate all and any confusion. Hence practising the math problems over and over would give you a better understanding of the logic/concept rendering it easier for you to solve similar questions in no time.

  • Sharpen your mental math’s

Relying too much on the calculator can make you lose confidence in yourself moreover it also wastes a lot of time. It’s better to sharpen mental math’s and follow math related shortcuts such as the BODMAS rule, simple additions/subtractions/multiplications etc. and memorizing the tables. This would make it easier for you to solve a math question without any interruption, enhance your thinking process and boost your confidence.

  • Recheck your answers and solution steps

Moving to the next problem without checking the solved question is another blunder math students often do. It’s necessary to re-check the solution as well as the answer of the solved question to rectify any error. Match what has been asked in the math question with your solution steps and the answer to be sure either you have derived the correct value or there was something else that had to be found in the question.

Applying this strategy will also help you identify the complex steps and practice them for a better understanding. Once you’re proficient enough, it will be easier for you to solve similar questions even if they have been twisted around.


Implementing the above mentioned strategies in your overall math-regime will help you become swift in solving mathematics, the concepts will be on your fingertips and you would not have to memorize the steps rather you’ll solve the problem with proper logic. Make sure to approach the problem with a solution oriented attitude rather than looking at the complexity of the problem for a better understanding. Associate math with things you like to develop an in depth interest in the subject, such as if you like sitting in a park in the evening take your math book along, practice in the environment that makes you feel comfortable. By the time you’re done reading this article, we hope you’re motivated enough and will start doing math with a positive mind-frame.

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