3 Tips for Editing Images With Adobe Express

3 Tips For Editing Images With Adobe Express

If you’re looking for a way to edit your photos on the fly, Adobe Express is the way to go.

Photoshop is a daunting application for most laypeople to use. If you just want something quick and easy to edit your online photos, whether it’s for a business or your personal brand, Adobe Photoshop Express has you covered. It may not have all of the bells and whistles, but it’s free and easy to use.

In this post, we’re going to give you 3 helpful tips for editing on the Adobe Photoshop Express editor. Regardless of how experienced you are in editing, keep reading and we’ll make sure that you’re taking advantage of all this little program has to offer.

1. Using Themes

Adobe Creative Cloud Express makes it easy to use all of Adobe’s more in-depth programs in a free and easy way. What Photoshop Express gives you is a scaled-back version of a program that most deem the best in the photo editing world.

One of the ways that Express makes things easier is by automating the process of photo editing. “Themes” is one of the tools that does this with an arsenal of design presets that will take any old photo and turn it into something unique and striking.

All you need to do is upload your photo and cycle through the different themes until you find something close to your vision. From there, it’s easy to tweak certain settings to fine-tune the photo.

2. Let It Do the Hard Work For You

It can take years to learn how to properly edit photos through camera settings and programs like Photoshop. With the “Looks” tool in Adobe Cloud Express, you can completely transform your photograph with the click of a button or two.

Whether you want to change a color photo to black and white or add a flash effect to a drab photo, Express can do it. Cropping couldn’t be easier either, no matter if it’s resizing a shot or you need to remove background from an image.

You can also choose instant filters that give you a one-click method for adding warmth and style to your photos. Adobe Express does all of the hard stuff for you.

3. Fine-Tuning

Fine-tuning your shots can be another tedious task, especially if you aren’t experienced in photo editing. When it comes to things like red eyes and spots on photos, you may spend hours in a regular photo editing app trying to eradicate these things.

In Adobe Express, it’s once again a few clicks of a button. Red eyes can be removed (other eye effects are in the paid version) and you can easily click on spots to have them altered or removed.

Enjoying Adobe Express

The free version of Adobe Express makes photo editing a breeze. It’s also a great entry point into the complicated, but fun world of editing images. Before you know it, you’ll want to get the full paid version and completely transform your photographs.

If you found this helpful, come back for more on tech and entertainment.

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