Your Guide to the 7 Cannabis Flavor Profiles and Aromas

Your Guide To The 7 Cannabis Flavor Profiles And Aromas

Cannabis has been legalized in many areas worldwide, so plenty of people have discovered its health benefits and calming qualities. Cannabis is known to help with insomnia, anxiety disorders, depression, chronic pain, and other conditions.

There are many popular ways to consume cannabis and cannabis products. Some of these are: smoking using a bong or a glass pipe, vaping, or using a dab rig. With all the options available and the effects provided by consuming cannabis, cannabis has become increasingly popular, with more and more people open to learning about it and using it for recreational and medical purposes.

There is another factor to the popularity of cannabis in recent years that not everyone is aware of. Cannabis is now grown to have specific flavours and aromas to make the experience even more enjoyable. These differ greatly and offer flavours for everyone to enjoy.

1. Sweet

Sweet cannabis is by far the most popular flavour group because there aren’t many people who don’t like sweet things. This category is broad as many flavours fall under sweet and other categories such as sweet flowery, or sweet dairy tastes.

Sweet fruity flavours are a great option if you’re starting out as they are more common and are pleasant in taste and smell. The sweet tastes and aromas of these varieties make for an enjoyable experience.

2. Spicy

Spicy strains don’t just refer to a peppery taste but also other spices such as cinnamon or those spicy flavours. This kind of flavour might not be as popular as the others, but it has its place. This is best for those who are quitting cigarettes and moving on to cannabis instead. Peppery strains are quite similar to the taste of tobacco but without the carcinogenic qualities that smoking tobacco holds.

3. Sour

Like sweet flavours, this kind is fairly broad, overlapping into fruity, citrus, and dairy. These flavours also vary greatly, some being sourer than others but each enjoyable in their own way.

It is important to state exactly what sort of flavour you’re looking for when wanting something sour since they will all taste different from each other, and just saying sour may end with you having a flavour you weren’t looking for. Because of just how wide these varieties are, there are many options to try and experiment with to find the one best for you.

4. Floral

Flowery smells and flavours have always been popular throughout history. The same goes for cannabis with undeniably flowery smells. These scents, although subtle, can smell just like flowers; some examples are like lavender, rose, and others.

Scents like these make the calming effect of cannabis even more effective, especially with smells like lavender or chamomile. As a side note, some cannabis is grown with chamomile since they share similar chemical needs, which shows just how natural a floral variant can be. They share the same chemical compounds that make up their scents and flavours.

5. Dairy

Dairy flavours might be surprising to come from a plant, but they can be quite enjoyable with their rich, creamy flavour and buttery fragrance. It doesn’t stop at buttery tastes but has flavours similar to ice cream, cheesecake, cream cheese, and chocolate milk with a nutty, dairy blend to it. Cheesy flavours don’t necessarily taste as you may expect but taste like brie or other creamy cheeses.

6. Bitter

Even bitter can be a good flavour even though it’s very rarely requested since sweet is the most popular and this is the opposite. These flavours can taste a bit like bitters and sometimes smell a bit like pine bark or citrus rind. Bitter is intended for those who want more of a scent than a flavour when they smoke their cannabis.

7. Citrus

Lemon-flavoured cannabis has been growing in popularity in recent years despite not being as sweet as some other options. Citrus also includes other flavors such as lime or flavours that mimic lemon tea and lemonade. Although peppermint isn’t citrus, it also falls under this category because of the main chemical in both flavours, Limonene. These are great for a clean-tasting and smelling variety of cannabis.

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