4 First Impression Examples of the Flawless and Disastrous Types

First Impression

Whether you’re going out and meeting new people or trying to make a good first impression at work, it’s important to know what you’re doing. The truth is, most people make snap judgments, even if they don’t mean to.

However, to maintain perspective, it’s important to recognize that you do the same. Think about how you look at people at the store. What do you think about them based on their outer appearance and personal hygiene?

It’s easy to wrongfully label someone one way or the other. Therefore, we’re here to give you some first impression examples to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to control the outcome of meeting new people.

1. Emphasize Personal Hygiene

When most people look back on their worst first impression examples, they often recall of vision of a smelly, unkempt person. In fact, the sense of smell is strongly tied to memory.

Therefore, whether you’re going on blind dates, meeting new people at social events, or starting a new job, take care of your personal hygiene. If you’re having people over to your home, get these small diffusers to make sure your house smells clean and inviting.

2. Dress in the Way You Wish to Be Perceived

Being clean isn’t the only thing you need to make a good first impression when meeting someone new. You should also mind your outer appearance and the way your dress.

This is especially important when applying for a job. Even if you have a job, it’s often said that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

3. Be Open-Minded

One of the best ways to turn someone away is by being close-minded. This is one of the most disastrous first impression examples. When meeting new people, avoid inherently intense topics of conversation, such as politics and religion.

This is especially important if you have strong opinions regarding these issues. As the relationship evolves, these types of conversations can and will take place. However, it’s never best to lead with them.

4. Don’t Be Shy, but Avoid Talking Too Much

Have you ever been stuck in a room with a one-upper? This is the type of person who always has a story to match and eclipse someone else’s. Don’t be that person.

Other types of negative first impression examples include people who talk too much. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the spotlight, but don’t hog it all to yourself. You’ll off as conceited and self-absorbed.

Conversely, don’t be so shy or quiet that you seem disinterested or indifferent. This can be equally off-putting to those around you, particularly in a social scene.

If you’re shy and tend to be withdrawn in social situations, there are things you can do to seem more engaged. For example, try smiling and nodding your head while people are talking.

Did You Learn Anything From These First Impression Examples?

As you can see from these first impression examples, it’s easy to give someone the wrong impression of yourself. Follow the tips listed above to make sure you’re coming off in a positive way while meeting someone new. Additionally, let this serve as a reminder not to make snap judgments of your own.

If you want more social tips or lifestyle advice, stick around and browse through the rest of our blog. Our articles were created to help people like you learn more about the world around them and their place within it.

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