4 Steps Towards an Amicable Separation


Today, divorce is so common that anywhere between 33-43% of adults over 20 have been divorced at least once.

No one ever gets married thinking they’ll get divorced. But of course, it’s a very real possibility, especially if you grow apart and have irreconcilable differences.

This doesn’t necessarily mean divorce has to be nasty though. In fact, an amicable separation is possible and should be something to aim for, especially if you want a clean break with as little drama as possible.

Keep reading for 4 steps that’ll help with breaking up and keeping an amicable relationship.

1. Work Towards the Same Goal

The key to an amicable divorce is to work towards the same goal. If you can’t agree on the same outcome, then how is it possible to separate without drama and conflict?

Sitting down and discussing what you’d like the divorce outcome to be is a solid start.

2. Keep Communicating Constructively

On that note, communication is vital. There may be lots of hurt feelings in this divorce, but lashing out won’t achieve anything.

Remember to speak clearly to one another and voice your opinion firmly, but not aggressively. Remember that you’re both working towards the same goal. You’re on the same team, even though you’re splitting up.

If you find it too hard to speak in person, then write. This allows you some time to gather your thoughts and keep it calm and collected.

3. Remember to Compromise

While in an ideal world, you’ll agree 100% on what the outcome of your divorce should be, that won’t always be the case. If you have small d isagreements, then the next best thing is to compromise.

Again, don’t try to lash out and plot revenge on your soon-to-be-ex (STBX). Instead, try to put yourself in their shoes and think of the best outcome for everyone.

For example, let’s say they want more custody of your kids. While you’d love to have your children full-time, they deserve to see their other parent too. So for the sake of everyone involved, it’s best to compromise and give your STBX more time in the schedule.

Settling a divorce without going to court might be an option as well. This can keep things simple and save some money.

4. Have a Good Support Network

A breakup is always difficult, so you need to surround yourself with positive people. You should pick friends and family who will support you without badmouthing your ex.

If you find that some of your loved ones are pointing fingers at your STBX unnecessarily, then it’s best if you don’t spend time with them. This can have a negative influence over your separation.

Have an Amicable Separation if Possible

Even if no one’s done anything wrong, splitting up can be a terribly trying time. You’ve already got enough on your plate, so try for an amicable separation if possible.

The steps above can help you with getting divorced without having it be a drawn-out process. And as a result, you and your ex can peacefully resolve everything and move on with your life soon after.

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