5 Ways to Control Emotions During a Child Custody Battle


Divorce is one of the most stressful life events, for both the children and the spouses. Unfortunately, in most divorces, children are the innocent parties that feel all the emotions of their parents, as well as their own.

To help yourself — and your children — go through this phase of life more easily, it’s important for you as the parent to set an example for them. This will help you see things more clearly and stay level-headed during your child custody battle.

Read on to learn the 5 most effective techniques for dealing with difficult emotions and be the bigger person during court hearings.

1. Share Your Pain With Someone

Whether it’s talking to a close friend, a family member, or a therapist, talking about your struggles can help you release negative emotions. You can also write in a journal when you feel a wave of emotions coming or voice-record yourself on your phone and say everything that’s on your mind.

2. Stay Focused on the Kids’ Wellbeing

When everything seems bleak, shift your focus on the kids and their wellbeing. This is especially important if you’re fighting for sole custody and need to prepare the kids for a single-parent household.

In high-conflict child custody battles, your emotions can get the best of you and can even lead to a negative outcome. Staying composed is crucial to a positive resolution of the case.

3. Hire the Right Lawyer for the Job

When you’re in a state of stress, especially in the days before the court hearing, talk to your lawyer about how you should act in court, what to say and how to say it, and what to be careful about.

A good custody lawyer like konalawyer.com specializing in family law can give you all the information you need. This can help you feel calmer and more confident in your decisions, especially in front of your children.

4. Keep Communication Open

If you’re going for joint custody, it’s essential to keep communication open with your ex-spouse. Remember you’re doing this for the benefit of the kids as they’ll also need to learn to live with both parents separately.

You may need to co-parent and make joint decisions for the kids, so communication will be a great factor in raising them into healthy, well-adjusted people.

5. Detach from the Outcome

No matter what you do or say, at the end of the day, the decision is in the hands of the judge. Your child custody attorney can do everything in their power but you can’t know what the outcome will be.

During the custody battle, stay focused on your kids and their needs. Be the best parent you can be, even in difficult times.

These Tips Will Help You Deal With Difficult Emotions During a Child Custody Battle

A child custody battle is never easy and can wreak havoc on your emotions, leading to unfavorable decisions. These tips will help you learn to control your emotions both during the hearings and outside of the courtroom.

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