How To Reduce Your Monthly Household Bills

How To Reduce Your Monthly Household Bills

The coronavirus pandemic caused economic turmoil and absolute devastation to people across the length and breadth of the country and beyond. It is understandable if you are more than a little concerned about the future and the protection of your assets.

So, with that being said, continue reading to learn how to reduce your monthly household bills to make your money stretch that little bit further.

Be Conservative With Your Central Heating

One of the most important ways to monitor and maintain an overall lower cost on your monthly energy bills is to seriously reduce your home’s central heating system usage.

Suppose you tend to spend most of your time in the living room. In that case, a fantastic addition to your home that will not only provide a stunning aesthetic focal point but also serve to only heat the room in which you are in is to invest in a beautiful traditional fireplace from a respected and established fireplace supplier in London.

Buy Your Phone Outright

Obviously, it may not be immediately feasible to close your smartphone contract immediately, but if you actually examine your monthly payments and discover just how much interest you are paying to your phone company, this will certainly make you save harder and faster to end the contract.

Once your phone contract is paid off, instead buy a sim-only or, better still, an independent sim card and use your phone on one of the many, essentially, pay as you go networks instead.

Be Conscious Of Your Water Usage

Being more conservative with the amounts of water you use in an average day may seem unlikely to make any real difference to your water bill, but in reality, the savings will quickly start to show.

Use rainwater to water your plants and shrubs in the garden, rather than using the outside tap, only run the water when you are washing dishes enough to fill the bowl and then turn the tap off and limit the amounts of baths your family takes in a week.

Consider Using Public Transport

Admittedly, for some people, the proposed regular use of public transport over driving in your car is not feasible. Still, if your job is one in which this can be done with no or little disruption to your working day, then you will discover your petrol bills will naturally drastically decrease.

With the price of petrol exponentially rising from day to day, another option would be to start car sharing with a colleague who lives in the same area as you and splitting the costs.

Cut Back On Food Wastage

Not only will cutting back on the amount of food you as a family throws away every single week result in fewer outgoings when it comes to the weekly grocery shop, but you will also be doing your proverbial ‘bit’ to lower your carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly in the process.

Ways to relatively easily cut back on the amount of food you waste in your household include but are not limited to the following:

  • Measuring your portions more accurately
  • Buy smaller quantities of perishable food items but more regularly
  • Store food correctly
  • Turn down the temperature on your fridge
  • Save the leftovers where feasibly possible
  • Utilize your freezer more
  • Make your own stock

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