5 Dental Implant Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Getting a single tooth implant costs about $1,500 to $6,000. A lot of people will agree that this service isn’t cheap. That’s why it’s imperative to take care of your dental implants so that you won’t get into a situation where you have to replace them.

Fortunately, taking care of dental implants is simple. A large part of regular implant maintenance involves avoiding dental implant cleaning mistakes that compromise the implant’s safety. These mistakes often occur when you are cleaning dental implants.

To be safe, you need to acquaint yourself with common mistakes that people make while cleaning their implants. Here are some of the common ones.

1. Hard-Bristled Toothbrush: Common Form of Dental Implant Cleaning Mistakes

Brushing your teeth is essential even when the teeth are artificial. When you brush regularly, you prevent bacteria from building up in your mouth. The absence of bacteria in your mouth ensures you remain free from common implant problems.

Using a hard-bristled toothbrush to clean your dental implants increases the chances of damaging them. Try using a toothbrush with soft bristles to increase the lifespan of the implants. For the hard-to-reach parts of the mouth, an angled neck toothbrush will do the trick.

2. Poor Choice of Toothpaste for Cleaning the Implants

Regular toothpaste may contain ingredients that damage the dental crown by glazing it. Baking soda is a good example of such an ingredient. Some stain removers also have the same damaging effects on dental implants.

Consult your dentist on which toothpaste to use to protect your implants from damage. There are several types of toothpaste designed for people with dental implants.

3. Using Dental Floss Instead of a Water Flosser

Dental floss predisposes you to peri-implantitis because of particles shed by the floss. On the other hand, a water flosser is effective at removing bacteria without any side effects.

Further, many water flossers have rubber tip stimulators. The stimulators are good for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. They are also gentle on sensitive gums.

4. Failing to Brush Under and Around the Implant’s Crown

You could be brushing your teeth twice a day as dentists recommend. But still, you end up developing complications. This could be the case if you aren’t cleaning your implants well.

You are supposed to brush the implant’s crown and beneath it. Bacteria and plaque tend to accumulate in these areas. Failure to remove them increases your chances of getting peri-implantitis.

5. Failing to Brush Twice a Day

Most people know they need to brush at least twice a day. In the morning to get rid of the bacteria and improve the smell of your breath. And in the evening to remove the bacteria that accumulates during the day.

You should brush your implants after every meal. If that’s impossible, ensure you brush twice a day at the very least.

Increase the Longevity of Your Dental Implants

Avoid dental implant cleaning mistakes if you want your artificial teeth to last. Many people commit these mistakes without even knowing they are doing so.

Therefore, you must educate yourself on what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to cleaning dental implants. This guide will get you started and searching for “dentist near me cookeville” could give you direction as well. However, getting advice from professionals like this trustworthy Dentist in Decatur is still important.

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