5 Essential Features to Look for in Roller Doors

5 Essential Features to Look for in Roller Doors

The roller doors design makes them more popular in traditional and modern homes. They are also popular in industrial buildings and multiple tenancies. You can get overwhelmed with which roller door to pick when you buy. Though color plays a vital part in the selection, there are other features you need to check. The main aim of roller doors, with any other door type, is safety. It’s the reason roller doors are now more popular even in homes. As you buy security roller doors, here are the key features you need to consider. 

Essential Features in Roller Doors

The available door systems in the market can’t maximumly meet your needs. As you go to the market to look for one, give priority to these features: 

Roller door colour and design

You will have a wide variety of choices in the colour and design of your roller doors. The doors can be powder coated to fit any colour that you wish. It’s thus essential to take a colour that will match well with your house and compound at large. Choose a design that will blend with the house exteriors.


Roller doors are tough and able to withstand extreme temperatures. Understand the weather and climate of your area. Is it a storm or cyclone-prone area? What’s the rating of wind in that region? All these will help you to choose a door that will sustain these extreme weather conditions. You need a weatherproof door to keep debris or rain from blowing inside via crevices. Get a door with the best insulation material to protect against contact or direct exposure to heat and cold. It should be robust against potential break-ins by vehicle and on foot.

Technology used

Rollers’ balanced rolling and smooth operation depends on the spring technology used. It’s vital to consider the technology that made your door to ensure its security. 


Size is a vital element that you can’t forget to check. Your door has to fit in your house or building well. Get customized roller doors that depend on the size allowance of the building. Never shop for these doors without knowing the measurements of the door that you need. 

Emergency features

The roller doors need to have anti-drop security features. The best ones will have sensors. They allow them to detect anything obstructing the door’s pathway. The best roller doors will reverse or retract once they sense any obstruction. 


Only qualified shutter manufacturers and suppliers will provide guarantee to their customers. It means they are sure of what they sell and haven’t compromised their quality. When shopping for these doors, remember to ask for a guarantee. If not, then check with the next supplier. The guarantee period should be at least one year. 

Advantages of roller doors

These are strong doors that resist any potential break-in either by a vehicle or on foot. 

These are high-standard products that withstand wear and tear. They are highly durable in busy industrial areas. 

Depending on the purpose and technology used in making most of these doors, these can withstand graffiti. It’s a perfect way to prevent vandals from damaging your building. 

If you prefer privacy to security, go for lightweight roller doors. They have materials like the uPVC that keep your interior private but easily accessible. 


The above data will sort you well for all your roller door needs. Rely on customer-designed roller doors to fit well in your building. They will give you access when needed. They guard against intruders and protect your building and assets inside.

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