5 Great Ways to Keep Your Wallet Organized

Keep Your Wallet Organized

You’re at the checkout counter about to pay, when you grab for your wallet and feel yourself tense up.

You remember how unorganized and jumbled your wallet is and immediately feel a tinge of anxiety. What if you can’t find your credit card in the messy stack of cards? Or what if you open your wallet, only to have a dozen receipts and your stash of coins fly all over the floor?

If your wallet is a mess, you’re likely already familiar with this stressful scenario. Read on for five essential tips for an organized wallet.

1. Use a Wallet With Dividers

In order to organize your wallet, you need a wallet that is actually organizable. And that might mean replacing your current wallet for one with built-in dividers.

Like some of these products, it’s easy to find wallets that have separators and pockets. Then, you have a designated spot for your driver’s license, credit cards, and other wallet essentials.

2. Digitalize When Possible

Some of the cards in your wallet can probably be replaced with an app or other digital alternative, saving you space in your pocket.

The pandemic has motivated more people to use contactless electronic payment apps over traditional cash and cards. And this seems like a trend that’s here to stay, so if you haven’t already tried digital payments, now might be the time.

Many of your point and membership cards can also be replaced with digital options, such as store apps or phone QR codes.

3. Clear Out Old Receipts

It’s easy to accumulate dozens of receipts in just a matter of days. But these receipts alone can jam up your entire wallet, leaving little room for anything else.

Be sure to clear out all your receipts every day. If you need to hold onto receipts, give them another home, such as in a box in your car or in a desk drawer until you need them again.

And next time a cashier asks if you need the receipt, consider declining so you can avoid the hassle.

4. Put Bills in Order

One of the easiest wallet hacks that can make a big difference is to put your bills in order (and that doesn’t mean your utility bills, though you may want to do that too).

If you keep a lot of cash in your wallet, put your bills in order from largest to smallest. That way, you don’t have to shuffle through all your cash next time you’re ready to pay.

5. Empty Out Those Heavy Coins

Most wallets don’t have an appropriate place to hide coins, especially if you tend to collect a lot over time. That’s why it’s important to empty your coins out as often as possible to avoid weighing down your wallet.

Next time you’re in a checkout line, try to pay with as many coins as you can. If you still have a lot, put them in a separate coin purse or deposit them in your bank account to get them out of your way.

Follow These Tips for an Organized Wallet

If your wallet is getting too packed and messy for your pocket, use these five tips for an organized wallet. That way, you never have to worry about embarrassment at the cash register again.

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