8 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

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 US Department of Justice statistics states that only 5% of personal injury cases end up in court. People are keen to avoid the lengthy trial processes, so the best move will be to settle outside trial. To get a proper settlement from the negotiation process, you must hire a top-rated personal injury attorney.

Finding the best personal injury lawyer is no walk in the park. There are so many options available for you, making the selection overwhelming. A great personal injury attorney knows the ins and outs of such cases, so they’ll handle it with ease.

Your settlement is meant to compensate for any losses or injuries you suffered. It means that the money covers essential aspects like medical expenses and lost wages. You, therefore, need to ensure your selection can effectively deliver success in your case.

Are you wondering how to vet the lawyer and ensure they’ll fight for what you deserve? Here are some key questions to ask before hiring a personal injury attorney.

1. Can You Handle My Case?

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that any lawyer you come across can handle your case. Ask whether or not they’re capable and willing to fight for you.

Although the personal injury lawyer might have had successful outcomes in the past, there’s no guarantee the same will happen with your case. A good lawyer will know their reputation is on the line; they thus know their limits. If such a lawyer has doubts about your case, they’ll inform you immediately than wait to fail.

A case also requires so much of the personal injury lawyer’s time, so they’d not want to bite more than they can chew. Lawyers with a backlog of pending cases will reject handling your case. You deserve a lawyer that will be available for your case, so ensure that they can make the time.

2. How Much Do You Charge for Your Services?

You’ll definitely deal with the service fees at some point when working with the lawyer. You should thus confirm how much they charge before hiring them.

Most lawyers charge for your personal injury case based on a contingency fee arrangement. You thus don’t need to pay upfront, but the lawyer gets a cut from your personal injury settlement. Ensure the negotiated rate won’t take up so much of your compensation.

The contingency rate is mostly 20 to 40% of the settlement for high-quality attorneys. Beware of law firms that are willing to handle your case for extremely cheap fees – you might regret it.

3. Have You Litigated a Case Like Mine Before?

Of course, you’d want an expert handling your case; otherwise, you risk losing. Before hiring an attorney, it’s invaluable to ensure that they’ve handled cases like yours before.

Practice experience equips your lawyer with critical skills to help you win. Check the length of time they’ve been in the market and ensure it’s at least five years.

Not only should your lawyer have handled cases; ensure they have an excellent winning record. The better the lawyer is at handling your case, the more assured you are of deserving compensation.

4. Who Will Be Handling My Case?

You’d like to be in constant communication with your personal injury lawyer, wouldn’t you? A committed lawyer offers you peace of mind, so ask which lawyer you’ll be working with. You want to be sure they’ll be available to work with you.

Most high-profile lawyers are almost always unavailable, so it’d be frustrating to hire them since you’ll rarely reach them. As a result, your case might be assigned to paralegals in the firm, which doesn’t always have good results. The firm should thus designate a specific personal injury attorney to your case, meaning they’ll be dedicated to fighting for you.

5. What Is the Success Rate of My Case at Trial?

Have the personal injury lawyer evaluate your case before you hire them. They should tell the chances you have at a win in your case.

All case facts taken into account can determine whether or not your success chances are promising. The lawyer will thus advise you on the way forward to avoid wasting your time on a dead case.

Remember, the personal injury lawyer is an expert and will have a rough idea of how similar cases go; so they can tell if it’s sufficient.

6. Are There Any Out-Of-Pocket Costs I Have to Pay If We Lose the Case?

Note that the legal process will still need financing regardless of whether you win or not. You should thus ask your lawyer whether there are out-of-pocket costs the firm will require you to pay.

Costs related to filing, expert witness, and medical costs retrieval might inflate the costs of your legal fees. However, some lawyers specify that such costs aren’t your responsibility if the case is lost. Know your lawyer’s stand on the out-of-pocket costs before hiring them.

7. How Much Is My Case Worth?

Most plaintiffs are focused on the idea of making the defendant pay; they fail to do the math. You’d want to be chasing something that’s profitable for you, so ensure the case is worth something.

The lawyer can offer a rough estimate on the personal injury claim at the evaluation stage. The compensation should be adequate to cover legal fees and settle medical arrears, if any.

8. In What Legal Practitioner Areas Do You Specialize?

Not all cases are the same – different case categories depend on the type of offense in question. You should thus ensure your lawyer specializes in personal injury cases to boost your chances for a win.

Specialization entails extra training meaning the lawyer has the right skills to help you win. You can thus rest easy knowing your lawyer is well versed with personal injury matters.

You Now Know the Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury lawyer shouldn’t always be overwhelming. The above questions will ensure that you choose a personal injury attorney who boosts your chances of winning. As a result, they’ll help you negotiate the compensation you deserve without taking your case to trial.

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