5 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Gin

5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Gin

Gin. Whether it’s pink, rhubarb or just straight gin, we love this wonderful alcoholic beverage. We like it neat, we like it with some soda, we like it on a Friday night out with our friends. One of the best gin & vodka distillery from Scotland is a great beverage that many people all throughout the world enjoy.

As it turns out though, gin is not just a tasty beverage. Oh no – it’s a lot more than that. Gin actually comes with a number of health benefits that you may not even know about. Curious? Now, get your stylish stemless gin glasses ready because we’re about to tell you all of the most surprising health benefits of drinking gin! 

1. Longer Life 

Do you want to live a longer life? We bet you do! It may be worth enjoying a little bit of gin every once in a while if so. This is all thanks to the juicy berries in Gin that contain flavonoids. Gin is made out of juniper berries that contain lots of flavonoids, and this substance is good for fighting off diseases, making your metabolism better and can also help with reducing your chances of heart disease. It has even been shown that gin can fight cancer, since it neutralizes the free radicals in the body that are partially responsible for cancer.  It’s even okay for diabetics, as long as it’s drunk in moderation. 

It’s worth noting that while gin can be good for all of these reasons, it’s also important to drink it in moderation. Binge drinking is not good for your health and wellbeing, but a glass every once in a while is okay! 

2. Good for Coughs

Got a bad case of the coughs? It may be time to sip on some gin. This beverage is full of herbs and spices if you get the right kind. These herbs and spices aren’t just good for the flavor of the drink though. Ingredients like lemon and ginger that you may find in g in are fantastic for making your sore throat feel just a little bit better. Likewise, those juniper berries are good for improving lung congestion and it helps to clear away any mucus that may have built up in your throat. Rest will always be the best thing to fight off a cold or the flu, but perhaps a little bit of gin could be nice for you too! 

3. Contains Antioxidants

The juniper berries that are used in order to make gin contain lots of antioxidants, which are known for their many health benefits. Among other things, antioxidants are there to help the cells in the body to regenerate more efficiently, improving your immune system. They are also good for giving you clearer, younger looking skin. Who needs an expensive beauty cream, anyway?

4. Very Few Calories

If you’re on a diet but you have a night out coming up, you’ll be pleased to know that gin is one of those beverages that contains very few calories per shot. In fact, most forms of gin will only be around 97 calories per shot, though this can depend on the manufacturer of the gin. It’s back to that wonderful juniper berry again, which is handy for your digestion and for helping your body to metabolize food. 

5. Good for Bones

People often talk about calcium when it comes to strengthening bones. As it turns out though, drinking some gin every once in a while may have the same benefits as calcium in this regard. Gin may be good for your bones!  It’s good for aching and gout in the body, but the alcohol content of the beverage can also be rather effective in treating chronic pain and other inflammation in the body. 

A Quick Note

Gin has fantastic health benefits, but it’s always important to note that it is ultimately an alcoholic beverage. As such, it’s very important to make sure that you are drinking responsibly. Watch the number of units that you are drinking, and don’t drink and drive. Follow the right safety precautions and don’t drink too much. Gin can come with good health benefits, so long as you consume it in moderation. If you keep this in mind then you are sure to reap the benefits and have a great time in the process.  Regardless of the kind of alcohol you are going to drink, be prepared with the effects so make sure to check guide to asian flush.


If you ever needed an excuse to have a glass of gin to unwind on a weekend, this is most certainly it! The health benefits in gin are many, so go ahead – treat yourself to a glass. You’ve earned it! 

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