Popular Songs Related to Slots and Gambling

Popular Songs Related To Slots And Gambling

Casinos have used music in the background to minimize the sounds of their machines and to also create an ambiance that amplifies the winnings. Players have a unique experience when they hear their favorite beats while playing online slots no deposit games. Though most players don’t focus on the music playing, that doesn’t make it less important. Music lifts the ambiance in any casino.

Following is our list of the best songs that have been related to slots and gambling.

1. The Gamblers by Kenny Rogers

The song was released in the late 1970s but it still is a favorite with the masses. It hits airwaves constantly and is loved by gamblers too.

The song’s lyrics are exceptionally well written. They remind gamblers how to play the game and also to have the right mindset when carrying on with their gambling activities.

2. Luck be a Lady by Frank Sinatra

Frank wrote this song for the Broadway Musicals Guys and Dolls in 1950. But when Old Blue Eyes released his version, it became his signature song.

The song is a true casino classic and whenever you listen to it, you feel lady luck by your side.

3. Poker Face by Lady Gaga

This epic song was released in 2009 and earned the coveted title of the defining song of the year.

Poker Face remained on top of the charts for several consecutive weeks. It is also one of the best-selling singles. It has nothing to do with gambling at all but has become synonymous with gambling and all things associated with it.

4. Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley

Viva Las Vegas is the unofficial anthem of Las Vegas and if you get a chance to be there, you will certainly get to hear it once, twice, or infinite times.

At the time of its launch in 1964, it climbed the charts to number 29 only which is saddening if you think how famous it has become today.

Las Vegas is tantamount to the gambling industry. Though the song didn’t do well back then, it is still a classic and highly synonymous with the Sun City capturing its thrills in the best way.

5. You spin me around by Dead or Alive

You spin me around was sung by the British band Dead or Alive in 1985. The song gained worldwide fame and its success propelled it into the casino industry. This is because it gave different casino games like poker and roulettes a whole new dimension.

Final Thoughts

Casino developers have implemented various techniques to keep players indulged and involved in the game. Music is one such technique as it enables the players to make strategic moves resulting in big wins. 

All the songs played in casinos are by major artists and set the ambiance for gamblers. The number of casino goers has increased due to the addition of different music genres in the gameplay. It enhances the gambler’s creativity and money staking abilities. Most casinos also have in-house bars where players can purchase their drinks while also listening to their favorite scores.

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