5 Topics to Talk About on a Date

5 Topics To Talk About On A Date

Going on a first date should be something to look forward to, rather than fear. Once you’ve got chatting to someone and arranged to see them in person, you may worry about what you’re going to talk about. No one wants any awkward silences, so here are some fun topics to chat about that can keep the conversation flowing.


You’ll have a hard time finding someone that doesn’t like some kind of music. Sure, some of us won’t have music blasting 24/7, but we can all appreciate a tune when we hear one. This means you can’t really go wrong asking your date what kind of music they like. And if they say, ‘a bit of everything’, try and prompt them to talk about what genres they like most. They do say that opposites attract, so if you’re a heavy metal fan, and your date is more into pop, that’s okay and it’s not a red flag!

TV Shows and Movies

As well as music, most of us like to watch movies and TV shows. When on a date, a great question to ask is whether they use Netflix. If the answer is yes, you can discuss all kinds of shows and films. Hopefully, you’ll find one that you’ve both watched, which will keep the conversation going. You can also provide some recommendations for them to check out.


We all do different things to pass our free time. Whether it’s gardening, working out, playing at the best online casino no deposit bonus, or playing sports, use your date as an opportunity to ask about what hobbies they have. If their answer is ‘nothing’, it may be a sign that they’re not right for you! Whatever kinds of things you like doing in your spare time, make sure you speak of them highly with your date. You may find some common ground and, all being well, you could end up doing some hobbies together!


Lots of us like to travel and see different places. If your goal is to find a partner and go exploring around the world, it makes sense to ask your date about whether they enjoy traveling or not. If you’re a jet setter, it’s likely you’ll have all sorts of funny stories to share with your date, and vice versa. You can also gauge how adventurous they are and whether you could see yourself traveling with them.


In life, having ambitions and reaching goals are on the list for many of us. Whether you want to go to college, buy a house, start a family, or launch your own business, speaking about your passions and desires with your date is an excellent conversation starter. You’ll definitely get to know more about your date if you ask what their long-term plans are.

Talking about any of the topics above will help you get to know your date better. Whatever you do, make sure you have pointers in mind so that the conversation flows – you don’t want it going cold in the first minute!

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