5 Workplace Safety Tips: Protecting Your Employees from COVID-19

Workplace Safety Tips

The coronavirus vaccinations are ready and are being distributed among the public in different phases. The spread of the virus is slowing down, and people are finally transitioning back into their normal older lives.

Businesses were forced to work remotely due to the pandemic, but with the restrictions being lifted, workplaces are also opening, and people are ready to go back to work. However, just because the virus has slowed down for a bit and vaccinations are in circulation doesn’t mean that the threat is completely over.

With businesses opening again and workplaces resuming their normal functions, it is important for employers to take precautions to protect their employees from the deadly virus.

In this article, I have mentioned a few simple tips that will help you make your workplace safe for employees and customers alike. Let’s take a look:

1.     Get Rid of Biometric Sensors

If you are using biometric sensors in your workplace, then it is time for you to get rid of them. Many workplaces use biometric sensors on entrance doors and for attendance. If you are marking your employees’ attendance with biometric machines, then you are increasing the risk of COVID-19 spread by making every employee of the company touch the same spot multiple times a day.

That is why it is recommended that you use non-contact cards or any other software that will allow your employee to mark their attendance from their workstation.

2.     Use a Screening Tool

Another excellent way of protecting your workplace from coronavirus is to use screening tools. The COVID-19 threat has been around for over a year now, and people have already developed tools that can help you screen people who could be carrying the virus potentially.

Using a COVID 19 screening tool at the workplace will allow you to screen every individual that walks through the door without causing any inconvenience. If an employee fails the screening test, it is advised that you send them home and let them work remotely until their COVID test comes negative.

3.     Keep the Workplace Clean

If you want to keep your workplace healthy, then you need to keep it clean all the time. Make sure that the staff is cleaning everything thoroughly from desks and floor to doors and windows. The cleaner your office is, the less likely you are to invite the virus indoors.

Use antibacterial cleaners that produce foam as it will make sure that your workplace is free of any dangerous bacteria or virus.

4.     Social Distancing

Just because you are taking other precautionary measures doesn’t mean that you should stop social distancing. Social distancing is the best way of slowing the spread of the virus, and we must avoid contact wherever we can.

Make sure that everyone in the office is sitting at a fair distance and ask your employees not to engage with each other unnecessarily. Make a rule that even if you want to talk to someone, you should keep your distance from that person.

5.     Gear Up

Wearing protective items like masks and gloves can also make a big difference.  If everyone in your workplace is wearing a mask, then their chances of contracting the virus are 90% less than it was before.

It’s the employer’s responsibility to provide masks to all the employees and make sure that they are wearing them at all times. Apart from masks, you must also provide the employees with hand sanitizers so that they can keep their hands clean and healthy all the time.

If your employees are wearing the protective gear all the time and are also following all the other rules, then you will be able to run a COVID-free healthy workplace

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