A Developer’s overview of Microsoft Business Central

A Developer's overview

A Developer’s overview of Microsoft Business Central

Business Central < /strong>is an enterprise resource planning system from Microsoft.

From the perspective of a developer, Business Central comprises of about almost 6,000 potentially customizable, off-the-shelf program objects, in addition to the integrated development environment (1DE/Visual Studio Code) development tools that permit us to change existing items and make new ones.

Business Central object types


The principle of an ERP is to centralize the database of the company. That is to say that entering or modifying data in one or other of the modules (sales, inventory, production management, etc.) affects all the other modules: database is updated and applies the change to the entire company.

For example, if a salesperson / seller enters a sale on his terminal (which can be mobile), the ERP will immediately and automatically apply this sale to the stock , the sales journal, the general ledger (accounting) and the account of result . And this, in real time!

Control add-in: Control add-in objects permit the showcase of HTML5 visualizations based on information from Business Central. These objects can send back events that can be utilized to trigger additional code.  An ERP (for Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software solution aiming to unify the information system of a company by integrating the different functional components around in particular a single database. Didn’t you understand anything? This is normal: an ERP is a complex system which takes time to understand and set up but which can be extremely profitable for the profitability of a company. Some explanations so that you understand what an ERP are.

Extremely efficient in optimizing the management of a company’s processes and data, an ERP is nonetheless a very expensive solution at the start. The implementation of an ERP must therefore be thought out very early so that the cost / benefit ratio is precisely weighed.

The question that also arises these days is: “do we install the software hard, or can we use a cloud version or in Saabs mode? All of this is evolving rapidly. For now, the company has a choice.

To select the best ERP / ERP, think of Petite-Entrepreneurship. We have a network of competent consultants committed to a quality approach, who are there to help VSEs and SMEs to face the future.

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