Audible Books: Technology and Physics Made Simple

Audible Books: Technology And Physics Made Simple 1

Audible Books: Technology and Physics Made Simple

The first thing that comes to mind when asking: what is an audible book, is it just a voice recording of a book. They are generally downloaded in the same way as other digital audio files, such as songs or albums. This medium has detonated in recent years, mainly due to the influence on the world of reading that myaudiblebooks exercises , since it bought the audible book platform Audible, there has been an exponential increase in this new way of reading.

Audiobooks history

Although the availability of audible books in digital format is relatively new compared to older audio technologies, the origins of audiobooks actually date back to the 1930s. They were frequently used as an educational medium and were found in schools and libraries. Before audible books were digitally available, they were physically sold on cassette tapes and vinyl records. However, with the mass adoption of the Internet, audible books are now available online from many different sources.

Is listening to a book the same as reading an audible book?

Now that we know what an audible book is, the question remains whether it is the same as reading a traditional book. In a 1977 study of college students who heard a short story, they concluded that they were able to summarize it with the same precision as those who read it. Another study from 1985 found that listening comprehension was strongly correlated with reading comprehension, suggesting that those who read books well will also listen well. It actually depends on the type of book, if we are talking about an easy read like a novel, biography or any non-technical subject, it can be read without problem in this format. In the case of more technical books that it is necessary to be returning to understand some concept of topics such as: calculus, language learning or some other topic that requires doing exercises or experiments, it would be very complicated and in these latter cases an audible book is not recommended .

Advantages of reading audible books

Since I discovered what an audible book is, I have not turned back. For my lifestyle it is the best way to read for its convenience and speed. These are the advantages:

Speed: It is proven that the speed of reading and speaking is slower than the speed with which we capture information that we listen to. This is why we practically listen to an audible book without pauses and get what it says.

Another great advantage is that we can change the speed 1.5 or 2 times faster and thus we can finish a book twice as fast as normal speed, this translates to 3 or 4 times faster than traditional reading. I got used to the 2x speed so much that I even put the YouTube videos at that speed and when I listen to an audiobook at normal speed, I feel like it’s talking in slow motion. With this little secret, I have been able to read 5 books per month without any problem and in my dead times.

Reading in dead times: We can sit on our sofa while listening to our audible books, but personally I like to take advantage of the dead times in which I do repetitive actions or that do not require concentration, for example: while I wash dishes, drive, water the grass, I wait on the bench I prepare food, walk or exercise, even while bathing.

People with different abilities: Whether a person is blind or dyslexic, audible books are a great way to read that needs no explanation.

Preferences: There are different types of people with different strengths when learning, some may be visual or kinesthetic, but hearing may prefer this form of reading to the traditional one.

Devices for listening to audible books

Now that audible books are available as digital audio files, they can be used on a wide variety of consumer electronic devices.

Some examples include:

  • Mp3 players
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Home stereos
  • Cars that support streaming audio from players
  • Computers / Laptops

Common formats of digital audible books

When you buy or download audible books and get the Audible Book from the Internet, they are usually in one of the following audio formats:

  • MP3
  • WMA (Windows Media Audio)
  • AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)

Where to download audiobooks

There are many websites and applications that provide access to audiobooks, like myaudiblebooks; they can also be purchased from online bookstores or downloaded from public domain sites.

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