How to Finish Your Term Paper Assignment Overnight

How to Finish Your Term Paper Assignment Overnight

Relax. Read the prompt carefully. Research. Make an essay outline. Get rid of distractions. Write a quality Paper. Edit and proofread your Paper

Tracey: Hey Mark, remember to submit your essay assignment tomorrow morning.

Mark: Oh no!! Ok! Thanks.

Mark: (To himself) Mark, Mark! How dare you forget! You have to finish the assignment overnight!

Relax Mark. There are many students in this situation. We have all at some point forgotten about important assignments. Then, a friend sends you a text that the term paper is needed by tomorrow morning. “I felt desperate! For the first time I wished I would get sick. This would be a reasonable excuse,” says Anna. They were given as an essay assignment only to find herself in Mark’s situation. But, don’t take drastic measures. There is an entire night. This is enough time to start and finish your assignment by morning.

Keep reading to see how to finish your term paper assignment overnight.

  1. Relax

Knowing that you have just one night to finish your term paper can be scary. This situation puts you in panic. What follows is mind block. You don’t know where to start. Focusing becomes an issue. If you stay panicked, you will continue wasting more time. So, you need to relax. Inhale……exhale….inhale….exhale… Good! Start working on your term paper. “Am still freaking out!”  You have taken a deep breath and you are still panicked! Ok. Take a cup of coffee. Start now, stop procrastination.

  1. Read the prompt carefully

At this point, you are in a hurry and may end up misunderstanding the prompt. This can lead to terrible results. Spend enough time reading the prompt. Ensure you don’t miss any details. Have a clear understanding of the entire question. Imagine finding out in the morning that you’ve just submitted your essay but you have used a wrong prompt! No! You don’t want to imagine that! Highlight the main points of the question to refer to them as you write the essay.

  1. Research

Spend some time doing research. You can use Google scholar. The aim here is to find authoritative resources for reference. Such sources are important for adding strength and relevance to your arguments. You need enough knowledge to write a good term paper. Otherwise, you will find yourself rumbling to reach the word count.

  1. Make an outline

You will take about 30 minutes or more making an outline. However, the outline will save you more time when doing the actual writing. The outline should include what you plan to include in the term paper. This includes thesis statement, supporting arguments for the main body, supporting evidence, and concluding points. Think of every section of the term paper. A brainstorming session will help create a detailed outline.

  1. Get rid of distractions

At this point, you want nothing that may distract you. This includes social media. Leave your phone in another room. Your focus should only be on the assignment. It would also be better to avoid writing from your room. Seeing the bed makes it look more comfortable and you know what follows. An isolated location would help.

Remember to take breaks in between. Short breaks. They will help recharge your body as well as your brain. Only take a break when appropriate.

  1. Write a quality term paper

Now, you are ready to write your term paper. Start with the introduction. Address the topic in general and then write your thesis statement. Then, write supporting paragraphs. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence. This tells your reader what the paragraph is about. Remember to provide supporting evidence. Use transitions when moving from one paragraph to the other. Your term paper should have at least three supporting paragraphs. But, essay requirements should guide you on this.

Then, finish your term paper with a concluding paragraph. This may be a summary of your arguments and recommendations when necessary. Remember to cite your sources. This will help you avoid plagiarism.

  1. Edit and proofread your term paper

After you are done writing, take a short break. Then, start editing it. Editing will ensure you submit a clear and concise essay. Then, proofread it. This involves looking for simple mistakes such as grammatical errors and typos. Never forget to proofread your work.

  1. Get term paper help

Sometimes finishing an term paper assignment overnight may be difficult. Your friends may be unavailable to help you at this point. Still, you do not have to worry, term paper writing services like EssayMojo and can give you the help you need. These services are available 24/7. So, you can get an urgent term paper assignment help. This help can range from researching, writing the introduction, developing thesis statement, looking for supporting evidence to writing conclusion. They can also help you properly cite and format your essay.


Sometimes your studies will be stressful. However, this doesn’t mean you allow them to affect your mental health. If you have to finish your essay assignment, consider our tips. What you should know is that nothing is impossible.

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