Skills Required Becoming an Application Developer

Skills Required

Skills Required Becoming an Application Developer

According to the ERBO, the developer of new technology applications is responsible for following the specifications book drawn up in order to develop a software application that meets the expected functionalities.

The application developer

Its activities lead it to participate in the design phase by collecting and analyzing user needs and carrying out the corresponding development while respecting the state of the art and the methods used. He must also be able to maintain software, choose and recommend solutions for migration and / or evolution of applications. Coordination with all the departments of the Information Systems Department and service providers, without omitting the users, is part of its operational role on a daily basis according to the phases of the project.

List of activities and associated skills

The five standard activities are derived directly from the general process of application development and implementation like App Development Edinburgh, on which the typical job of Developer of new technology applications is mapped. The technology watch, compliance with the quality assurance plan (QAP) activities cut across these first five activities, and are integrated into them in the form of skills.

Each standard activity (A1, A2, etc.) requires, for its realization, the mastery of a set of key skills C11, C12, before which statement implicitly appears to be capable of.

Variability Factors

Size and organization of the company

The exercise of the profession of Developer of new technologies varies according to the size of the company. In a small structure, there will be versatility in terms of the knowledge to be implemented, while in a large structure the definition of the position occupied will be more specific and / or detailed depending on the project and the technologies used.

As part of a multi-site company, frequent trips are expected, due to the installation of the application on a pilot site, then its deployment to all the sites concerned. In the same way, it is in large companies that the Developer of new technology applications can be brought to supervise a team of collaborators.

The job of Developer of new technologies concerns all sectors of the company’s activities: management, payroll, production, sales, communication, security, etc. It is therefore common for specificities calling on knowledge or practices already exercised are necessary.

We could say that it is either a professional experience, or a domain of predilection or specialization of the developer. IT services companies and companies are most often looking for immediately operational developers according to the context of the project on which they are called upon to intervene.

The Developer of new technology applications must make a constant upgrade and / or technology watch effort. Indeed, if the new technologies make it possible to meet the needs of the users by a user-friendly, fast, direct and secure access, the Application Developer is led to specialize in the implementation of technologies, whether related to hardware, networks and operating systems or databases.

Depending on the sector of activity or the size of the company in which the Developer of new technology applications works, he may have to play a pre-sales role. IT services companies delegate specialists / consultants to their clients’ sites, and they must be able to respond technically and commercially to the requirements imposed on them. In the same way, an aptitude and a taste for negotiation are aspects which affect the type of job offered.

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