Casino Revenue On a Global Scale

Casino Revenue On a Global Scale

Gambling has been present for such a long time in human history that it’s incredibly hard to imagine what the Earth would look like if it wasn’t a thing. It seems like an incredibly natural occurrence and it’s not surprising to most people how it became as big of a thing as it is today. Gambling has been consistently growing over time and we’re going to tackle today the topic of casino revenue globally to see what it looks like today. While it may be hard to gauge the revenue of some, such as pretty much any online crypto casino, we’ll do our best to give you an accurate image of the revenue of these places today. Let’s take a look at things, shall we?

Gambling capitals

You might be surprised to find out that Vegas isn’t the only gambling capital in the world. While it’s certainly the first thing that pops into people’s minds due to its prevalence in pop culture, it’s no longer the top dog in terms of raw gambling numbers. First place has been overtaken by Macau. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s the only place in China where gambling is legalized. Now consider how many people live in China, a massive number. All of them have to either go across their borders to gamble, or they can do so in Macau. A mini-monopoly is a big reason for the success of Macau but it isn’t the only one and their efforts to create a good and fun environment for gamblers should not be overlooked. If you ever get the chance to go there we recommend it.

Online casinos

Ever since COVID appeared we’ve seen a boom in online casinos. They’ve existed previously but there was never that big of interest for them so they remained somewhat small and contained, nobody ever thought they would become something more than this. Nobody could’ve anticipated such a widespread pandemic happening and preventing people from gambling in person. This is why suddenly online casinos became incredibly popular and they don’t show signs of going back down in size very much despite in-person casinos opening up again. It seems to be that they’re here to stay and we welcome this as their increase in popularity has also led to an increase in quality which we greatly enjoy and we hope that you will too if you haven’t tried them already.

How big is the world of gambling

You may be wondering just how big the gambling market is in the world, if you add up everything then in 2021 it was equal to 231 billion USD. This is an incredible number and so far in 2022, it seems that we’ll surpass it. Gambling is something that rarely shows drops in popularity due to being such an ancient practice and so massive that it simply can’t fail as other similar things have. It’s a pastime that an incredible amount of people participate in, some on a smaller scale such as hosting poker nights at their homes for neighbors and friends, while others spend and earn lots of money in casinos such as in Vegas or Macau. Whichever club you belong to it’s obvious that gambling is incredibly large and will likely keep growing, nobody knows how big it can get but we’re certainly eager to find out.

Gambling and education

There have been attempts in the US to try and use money from lotteries for education, however, so far it seems that these attempts haven’t been very genuine or at all successful. In many places, these funds have only paid for a few days or a week worth of education which is chump change in the grand scheme of things and not at all what people were expecting when the idea was originally brought up which has sparked the ire of many people working in the educational sector who are calling for change.


Gambling is a massive industry that shows almost no signs of slowing down and we believe that it will grow so much that its current size will seem small compared to what it becomes later down the line. We’re excited to see how far it will get and what it will look like if it keeps growing this way.

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