Certified Mail vs Regular Mail: What’s the Difference?

Certified Mail Vs Regular Mail

We lose things all the time, don’t we? Car keys, the remote, Airpods—you name it. But did you know that about 3% of mail never reaches its destination?

When you send a package, you usually wipe your hands clean. Then a couple of days later, you check in with the recipient to see if they’ve received the item.

However, when mail gets lost in the postal abyss, it leaves you frustrated and wondering if there’s another way to send your mail securely. You’ll be happy to know there are two options: registered and certified mail.

Both allow you to keep tabs on your items but have different methods for ensuring secure delivery. Learn more about each below.

What is Certified Mail?

Certified mail lets the sender know the item has been delivered via electronic receipt. The receiver has to sign for the package for confirmation to be successful.

The sender of the item will also be able to track the package as its en route to its destination. If there are any hiccups along the way, you can contact the postal service with details of your item using the tracking number provided.

If an attempt to deliver your package were unsuccessful, the postal service would try to deliver the item again, which you’ll also get notified about. Follow the link provided to learn more about using certified mail for your packages.

What is Registered Mail?

Registered mail is like the big-little brother of certified mail since it was established afterward. Individuals use it primarily to send documents or high-value items.

It has identical features to certified mail but also comes with additional delivery security measures such as:

  • Locked cages
  • Sealed containers
  • Using safes

Registered mail also has insurance coverage for your items if they get lost. If that situation does happen, you’ll be able to fill out a claim form with your local post office so they can investigate.

Registered vs. Certified Mail: Which is Better?

There’s no real winner in the registered vs. certified mail debate because it will come down to personal preferences. Both postage options notify you once your package gets delivered.

However, registered mail comes with enhanced security options. So if you’re sending something of high value, that might be the better option for you.

But if you only want to find out if delivery was successful, then certified mail would be the better choice. Registered mail is also more expensive because of its enhanced security measures, so you’ll need to keep that in mind too.

Send Your Package With Peace of Mind

Both registered and certified mail help you keep an eye on your packages. So the next time you’re getting ready to send something, take a moment to weigh your options and see what level of security your item needs.

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