How can I Choose the Best Perfume?

Choose the Best Perfume

There are dozens and dozens of types of perfume. So when you have to choose one, you do not always know how to go about it. What are the aspects that must be taken into account to discover the ideal fragrance, the one that will reveal all our sensuality and adapt best to our tastes, but also to our own individuality? A few tips to achieve this. The first thing to consider is which fragrance family most closely matches our personality. Often, the descriptions of the scents can help us in this choice. The fragrances are divided into four main families. Which one appeals to you the most, even before you breathe in their scent? Before moving ahead, we would suggest you to try Parfums De Marly Perfume in case you are looking for something extraordinary and amazing.

Take a Test on the Web

Many websites offer tests that allow you to identify the type of perfume that is right for you. It is a good idea to do a few to find out where you are going before assaulting the perfume store of your choice. So, rather than arriving like an elephant in a china store, you will have an idea of ​​what you are looking for. The smell you smell in the first few seconds can give you a clue, but it is only after about 30 minutes that all the fragrances are revealed. Rather than making a hasty decision based on the first impression, it is best to wait a bit, and then decide if you still like the final notes of the scent, Shop Cologne for menwhich can be best choice. If your skin is dry, the scent will evaporate more quickly. It is therefore preferable in this case to choose a more intense fragrance that will persist throughout the day. On the contrary, if your skin is rather oily or combination, fresh scents are more appropriate.

Do not try several scents at the same time

Even if you do not spray them in the same spot, the smells will mix and will prevent you from making an ideal choice. It is better to try only one perfume at a time, or even better, to prefer small blotting papers impregnated with perfume. After the minimum time of 30 minutes has elapsed to perceive all the notes of the perfume, return to the perfumery to try the one you like the most on your skin.

Haute couture and cosmetics houses release new fragrances every year, but artisanal perfumeries also offer very interesting and original fragrances. The personalized service even allows, in some cases, to adapt the perfume of your choice to your personal preferences. After all, it is not the name of the perfume that matters, but how it smells, right? Not all kinds of fragrances are suitable for all situations. Sometimes a fresh scent is perfect for the office or ordinary activities, but you want to be more mysterious and sensual for a romantic evening. Nothing prevents you from having in your bathroom several bottles to adapt according to the circumstances.

Have you been wearing the same scent for ages? Know that over time, our skin changes, as do our tastes and our personality. Sometimes, something as simple as changing your scent (or scent style) can actually make you feel like a different person and come out of you that you never knew you had.

While perfume is the perfect gift and is often very popular, it is not easy to choose. Indeed, the choice offered to us in this area is particularly vast, and knowing which fragrance to turn to can turn out to be a real headache. Symbol of femininity, perfume is considered by many women to be a very personal signature. It is a product charged with a very strong evocative power and reflective of our personality. This second skin should therefore not be chosen lightly, and should be able to tame over time. Several parameters are therefore taken into account in the choice of a feminine essence. To help you see more clearly, we have established a few guidelines for you.

The first essential thing to consider when choosing a perfume is the age of the person wearing it. Indeed, you will not choose the same fragrance for a young girl as for a woman in her sixties. Her personality is no longer the same, and her perfume must therefore be appropriate to her expectations.

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