How Can You Help Your Baby Avoid Birth Injury?

Birth Injury

Eight out of one thousand babies get a birth injury during the delivery. It’s a pretty high rate and alarming for a pregnant woman. However, taking the steps and using all precautions can help you avoid birth injury for your baby.

Birth injuries happen due to two main reasons. First, the mother was not fully prepared for the delivery, and during pregnancy, she did not take care of herself. Second, the birth damage was caused by an incompetent doctor and malpractice at delivery.

Also, poor communication with your doctor during pregnancy can cause birth injury. So, it’s best to tell everything about your condition to your doctor. It’s the only way to ensure a safe birth for your child.

Here, you’ll know four ways to avoid birth injury. Also, you’ll find how to reduce complications during childbirth. So, keep reading further to safeguard your baby.

Let’s begin!

Hire Experienced and Skilled Obstetrician

A mother should look for an experienced and skilled obstetrician right after confirmation of pregnancy. Most women get referrals from friends and family. Indeed, it can do the job because people refer practitioners with good reputations and track records.

Yet, It’s best to make everything sure and clear. So, know years of experience, track record, skill level, and success rate of obstetricians before hiring them. Doing so is so easy in this age of the internet. Every doctor has a profile, and you can examine it online.

Your obstetrician will look into your medical records and run some tests. Next, you’ll know the risks involved and safety precautions. Plus, your obstetrician will watch everything during your pregnancy and treat you with the medications. So, you can have no complications at birth, along with no chances of birth injury.

Suppose you or your child got a birth injury due to malpractice from your doctor. In that case, you can file a lawsuit against the hospital. It is advisable to hire a competent lawyer. You can also get a free case review in case of any confusion.

Communicate Everything with Your Doctor

Your doctor will see you once a month from the first week of pregnancy to the 28th week. After that, you have to visit your doctor every two weeks until the 36th week. Then, you have to see your doctor every week until the delivery.

These visits are crucial, and you must never miss them. Your doctor will examine you and determine the progress of your baby. Plus, your visits are the best chances to tell everything to your doctor. Also, you have to be completely honest about everything with your doctor. 

Tell your sexual history and your habits. That may also include smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug ingestion. Also, convey everything about your internal conditions, such as spotting, cramping, weight loss, fatigue, headaches, mood swings, and more.

Once your doctor knows everything, you’ll have the best treatment. Then, you can avoid common birth injuries easily. So, communicate everything to your doctor and ask as many questions as you can.

Know What Will Happen in the Delivery Room

Doctors and midwives are bound to convey what will happen in the labor room to parents. But sometimes, doctors are not as open as they need to be. Thus, you have to show concern and ask every little detail.

When you have the right idea about what will happen, you’ll prepare your mind for it. Next, your delivery will go smoothly, and you can avoid birth injuries.

Sometimes, mothers are not aware of procedures and panic. Due to this, doctors have difficulties delivering the baby without injuries.

Choose a Parental Care Service

Parental care services are your best chance to avoid all birth injuries. Doctors guard you like an angel when you are in parental care. They examine you after every few hours. Give you vitamins and supplements. Plus, doctors eliminate the possibilities of risks, such as refraining from tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Also, they will do everything to minimize risks in your delivery.

So, choose a parental care service to avoid all birth injuries.

How to Reduce Complications During Childbirth?

By following these guidelines, you can reduce complications during childbirth and eliminate risks.

  1. Sleep Well and Enough

When you sleep well, your body functions well. It is also true during pregnancy. You have to take more than eight hours of sleep at night. Do not spend late nights watching TV or movies. Also, take a nap during the day. Taking rest will ease your body from stress, and your body will prepare for the best birth.

  1. Keep Well Balanced Diet

Eat a lot of protein. It’ll help your child grow better. Plus, use supplements and vitamins. So, you do not get any deficiency. But avoid eating fish because it can have mercury in it and can cause birth complications. Also, use calcium-rich foods. It’ll help your baby to have strong bones.

  1. Never Use Teratogenic Substances

Chemicals are harmful to you during pregnancy. Consuming them can give defects to your unborn child. So, refrain from using tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, prescription drugs, and other substances. Also, limit your soft drink consumption.

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Weight

A pregnant woman consumes too much food and eats for two people. That’s why gaining weight will happen, but remember to keep your weight in a range. An overweight body can also bring complications during childbirth.

  1. Manage if You Are Diabetic

Being diabetic is a problem during pregnancy. But it is not hard to manage diabetes. Ask a professional diabetes doctor to help you manage your diabetes during pregnancy. Also, do not forget to take your diabetes medications and control your blood sugar level.

  1. Plan Everything Ahead

Do not spend your pregnancy like a casual woman but plan everything. It includes hiring the best doctor, taking supplements, and reaching the delivery date without any problem. Carelessness will never serve you well. So, think and plan everything.


Hire an experienced and skilled doctor when you confirm your pregnancy. Know everything about the delivery in advance. Keep a healthy diet and take supplements. Go to parental care in the last month of pregnancy and do not use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. If you have diabetes, control your blood sugar levels. You’ll avoid birth injuries and have no complications. Have a great day.

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