How Much Does Video Production Cost?

Video Production

The amount of time spent watching TV and streaming video content jumped by 18% in the last year. With social media channels like Pinterest and Instagram emphasizing video content, that’s not going to go away anytime soon.

You can do some content from your phone if you want a raw, unpolished look. However, if you want to be professional, the quality of the content matters.

How much does Video production Toronto cost? Let’s take a look at the main factors that go into video production fees so you’ll know how to budget for video productions.

How Video Production Companies Set Fees

Video production pricing is usually a flat fee. You don’t see video production companies charge by the hour. That’s because it can take a couple of days to produce a single minute of video.

You’ll also see that most production companies don’t publish fees on their websites. That’s because each project gets priced differently.

What Goes Into Video Production Work

You might think that you have a 30-second commercial or clip and it won’t take long to produce. That might be true if you were doing the work yourself.

A professional video production company would take the time to understand the purpose of the video. If it’s a commercial, they’d want to know how it fits with your brand so they can tell your brand’s story.

They’ll develop the storyboard and do pre-production work.

On the day of the shoot, add up travel time, time to set up the equipment, test audio and lighting, and hire outside talent.

You may have to rent a studio to shoot in. The crew’s time gets taken into account when tallying up the video production cost.

You’re not even close to getting done at the end of the shoot. Post-production takes up a lot of time and your budget.

Editing, special effects, stock footage, and music licensing may get added to the video production pricing as well.

How Much Does Video Production Cost?

There isn’t an easy answer to this question. A 2-3 minute video could cost you $2,000 or $15,000. The best you can do is to know what goes into video production pricing and get quotes from different companies.

Look for video production companies that have experience with all types of businesses. If you have a non-profit organization, look for a company like this one that offers pro bono work just for non-profits.

Ask questions of video production companies about their experience and look at past video production work.

Review the quotes and look at what you’re getting. Find out if there are services that aren’t included in the contract, like stock footage and music licensing.

You’ll find the best video production company for your needs and budget.

A Video Production Guide to Pricing

How much does video production cost? It depends on the video production company and your production needs.

Approach video production as an investment in your brand. You’ll be able to tell better stories and project authority because you hired a professional video production company.

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