How to Play NES Retro Games on Any Android Device?

How to Play NES Retro Games

Nintendo had released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1983 and discontinued its production in 1995. Almost 62 million NES video game consoles were sold across the globe and that shows how much people loved this amazing device.

You cannot buy a new NES now, but that does not mean you cannot play NES games. Your Android Smartphone is more than capable of running all the famous NES games. You just need to know where to go for NES ROMs download and how to play NES games on any Android device.

Get a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator:

All the NES games were designed to run on Nintendo video game console. Those games do not run on Android and iOS devices if you try to download them directly on your phone. You need an emulator program to run those games.

You need a NES emulator program. This program will turn your Android device into a NES console as long as you want. It will allow you to load and run all your favorite NES games without any trouble. It is the only possible way of playing Nintendo Entertainment System games on any Android device.

Be careful when you choose a NES emulator for your Android device. You will find many emulators and many of them are not safe for your device. Pick a reliable program that is used by many other Android users. It won’t affect your device’s performance and offer a superb gaming experience.

Download your favorite NES games:

Although many cutting-edge games are available for Android users, none of them are as special as NES games. Those games were unique because those were the first video games many of us played during our childhood. You may probably have many favorite NES games. So, now you have to download them.

All the NES games are available on the internet as NES ROMs. You have to download these ROM files. Search for NES ROMs downloadand you will get some websites providing these games. Many websites claim to offer these ROM files, but most of them are useless.

Do not waste your time on those sites and use the most trusted platform to download classic video game ROMs. You will find all the required NES games on the same location. You can download those ROMs with one click and then follow the next step.

Install and launch the emulator program on your Android device:

Open downloads app on your Android device. You will find the recently downloaded emulator program. Unzip it using an archive tool if it is a zipped file or install it immediately. It will take just a few seconds to install and then launch the emulator program on your device.

Load NES ROMs:

That NES emulator program cannot run the games automatically. You will have to search and load all the NES game ROM files on this program. Find and download ROMs and load them to the NES emulator tool.

Play the game:

You are ready to play any Nintendo Entertainment System game you like once all the ROM files are loaded to the emulator app. Select the game and run it. The game will run as smoothly as any other Android game on your device. That’s how you can play all the classic Nintendo games on your Android device without any trouble.

Is it a safe way to play NES games on Android devices?

Open the Google Play Store on your android device and search for NES Emulator. You will find many apps in the search result. It is not illegal to download and use a Nintendo emulator program on Android devices. However, downloading NES ROMs is not legal.

You should use only the most trusted source for NES ROMs download. Thus, you will get top-quality ROMs and you won’t face any trouble at all. Many people are trying this method to play NES games and they have never faced any issue till the date. That’s why it is the safest way of playing NES games on any Android device.

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