Tech startup ‘’ researches Artificial Brains based on the Blockchain

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The research team around the German crypto startup ‘’ has set itself the goal of revolutionizing neuromorphic computing technology using blockchain. The nine researchers led by Michael Brandt want to achieve these goals with the help of the European Union.

The brain is a very complex organ and neuromorphic computing technology tries to emulate the processes of the brain. However, this not only requires immense computing power, but also years of additional research. The researchers at have joined this research area and would like to use the blockchain to close existing research gaps. They want to use blockchain technology to document the movements and networking of the neurons with one another to understand them. The research team has been active since mid-2019 and has carried out an initial coin offering to fund the company, raising over $ 1.5 million in the process. The ‘NMP’ token was launched, which can be used on the planned decentralized neuromorphic computing marketplaces. In addition, investors can participate in the company by purchasing the token.

Support from the Federal Republic of Germany

Founder and managing director Michael Brandt is certain that the research of blockchain-based neuromorphic computing has a disruptive character. That is why numerous funding applications are already underway, which should fund the project in the long term if successful. Brandt places great hope in the funding from the Federal Republic. The “Artificial Intelligence (AI) made in Germany” initiative supports German companies in researching approaches relating to the topic of artificial intelligence. If the funding applications are accepted, the company could be financially secured for several years. This would go hand in hand with an increase in the company’s value and thus influence the price of the NMP token. Managing Director Michael Brandt finds that the research and use of the NMP token for the decentralized B2B marketplace and for the entire corporate ecosystem is unique and has already convinced the investors. The coming months will show whether the funding from the Federal Republic and the European Union is bearing fruit. However, investors can look forward to further exciting developments, as Brandt suggests: “We have numerous partnerships with large industrial companies that are surprising for the crypto sector”.

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