Maryland Gun Laws

Maryland Gun Laws

There are a lot of laws in place to regulate gun ownership in Maryland. These include permits to carry, open carry, and firearms restrictions.

It is important to understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to the state’s gun laws. If you are arrested for violating any of these regulations, it is critical that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for information on Maryland Gun Laws.

Permit to Carry

If you want to carry a firearm, it is important to know your state’s laws. For example, some states require you to possess a permit or license in order to own a firearm.

In Maryland, you are allowed to legally carry a handgun if you have a valid Permit to Carry (WCHP). You can get your WCHP from the state’s police department.

Obtaining your WCHP is easy. You simply need to fill out an online application.

Once you have completed the application, you can go to a Maryland State Police barracks or a regulated firearm dealer to finish the process. Be sure to bring your application number and PIN.

You can carry a firearm on real estate you own or lease, within the confines of your home and business establishments. However, you must have a valid Handgun Qualification License to purchase or transfer a firearm in Maryland.

Concealed Carry

Thousands more people are getting permits to carry concealed guns in Maryland and Washington DC than they were just two years ago. And the number is rising fast.

In 2022, 85,266 permits were issued, compared to just 12,189 in 2021. The state police say the trend is likely to continue.

Governor Larry Hogan has instructed state police to make less restrictive concealed carry license decisions. The governor told officers Tuesday to be more lenient following a recent Supreme Court decision that struck down a similar law in New York and broadened Second Amendment rights.

However, it is important to know the restrictions before buying a firearm. For example, a gun must be unloaded and the ammunition separated from the firearm in the trunk of your vehicle or other compartment, if there is not one. It is also a good idea to have a safety lock box on your car, if you plan to transport a gun inside the vehicle.

Open Carry

Open Carry is a movement that allows individuals to carry their guns in public without a permit. This is a great way to protect yourself in case of an emergency, but it can also make police officers have a hard time distinguishing between an armed protester and someone who may be a law-abiding citizen.

Several states have restrictions on permits that only allow citizens to carry firearms outside of their home. Maryland is one of these states.

A recent Supreme Court ruling struck down those restrictions and is now allowing residents of all states to apply for handgun permits. This could lead to an influx of new applications for permits in Maryland.

The state also has a law that allows for extreme risk protection orders, which prohibits a person from purchasing or possessing firearms in the state. This is called the “red flag” law. It is also a good idea to check local codes and ordinances before carrying a firearm in the state.

Firearms Restrictions

Maryland has strict gun laws that apply to the purchase, sale, transfer or ownership of firearms. These include state preemption and record keeping requirements for licensed dealers.

In addition, Maryland requires a permit to purchase a handgun and background checks when private transfers are made of regulated firearms (handguns and assault weapons). All private sales must be processed through a licensed dealer or designated law enforcement agency who must conduct the check.

If you are traveling to Maryland with a concealed carry or open carry permit from another state, remember that there is no reciprocity between these permits. This means that if a police officer sees you with a handgun, they will likely arrest you and charge you with unlawful possession of a firearm.

In the event that you are charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, contact a lawyer. Craig M. Kadish and Associates can help you defend your rights against criminal charges. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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