Monster Hunter Riders: trailer for the new mobile title

Monster Hunter Riders: Trailer For The New Mobile Title 1

After the release of the expansion of one of the most popular titles of the moment and having shown the road map of the next contents of Monster Hunter World in recent weeks, Capcom has announced in these hours a new title in the series called Monster Hunter Riders. The new role-playing game will land on mobile devices this winter in Japan as a free-to-play title with micro transactions inside, pre-registration is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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For now, unfortunately, the publication is intended only for users of the Rising Sun: Capcom has not offered details on the possible arrival in our parts. The title will be set in Felgia, where humans and monsters live in harmony with each other. Some time ago a great calamity attacked this land; ten heroic knights called “the ten great dragon knights” saved the earth from this threat. As leader of the Riders Club better known as the Dispatch Observation Party we will be in command of the monsters who will solve the mystery of the dark knights who threaten our lands. Below you can find the launch trailer just presented. The title gives players the opportunity to meet old people known to fans of the famous brand. Many creatures will also be added with continuous updates after the launch. Now that Monster Hunter: The excellent world Iceborne expansion on Windows PC has been released, Capcom wants to put all its ducks in a row. Big Iceborne updates will be live for each of the three game platforms-PC, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One-starting Sunday in April. In the interim, Capcom will start to update Iceborne console versions on a PC in February. On February 6th, the first patch will be released, adding Rajang to the game and a new volcanic region. The Resident Evil crossover experience will be also brought to your PC; console players had that short-term event in November.

Capcom said in a news release, two additional model monsters would carry the Title Update 3, which will be released on Iceborne consoles in March. During February and March, the players from PS4 and Xbox One will also receive more limited-time events. And eventually, some time in “older April” Title Update 3 will make its debut on a PC— and all three versions will be patched simultaneously. In April, a patch adds versions of certain monsters of Arch Tempered and Master Class, and in May, the fan-favorite monster is coming back. Capcom also said that it expects more June and beyond updates.

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