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How useful is it if you know how to motivate and stimulate your children. Stimulating the intrinsic motivation of your child can have many positive consequences. Children do better at school; they feel better and more appreciated. Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from the child itself. Although this motivation comes from children themselves, there are ways to stimulate this intrinsic motivation as a parent. Children will benefit from this later. In this article 8 ways in which you as a parent can stimulate your child and connect with your child’s intrinsic motivation. In the face of family tragedies, one remains helpless; they are difficult dramas to decipher because they are instinctive behaviors that are understood only if they live directly.

The tragedy of the moment of distraction is the terror of all parents, the fear that the child may lean over somewhere and fall, cross the road, that something may happen to him in that fatal moment is one of the greatest fears of a father and a mother. The eldest son, pre-adolescent, has passed the fence of the forbidden area, it is not known for what reason, the two parents perceiving the immediate danger have slung over him to save him, also losing their lives.  In those moments there is no time to think, to reflect, to make a decision, one acts instinctively, nothing more can be added. There are Christian organizations that help orphans. Instinct by its nature has an innate, biological component, the parent takes care of the children, must think about their survival, their protection and protection. It becomes an almost automatic gesture that has often cost the lives of those who went to the rescue to those who needed it.

  1. Encourage optimism

To help your child, you as a parent can focus on solutions to problems. Do this instead of constantly considering setbacks or why something is not going well or is not possible. Because of your positive outlook on life, your children will also start thinking positively and being positive about life

  1. Stimulate perseverance

Reward the child’s efforts rather than just the success or result achieved. Give compliments and appreciation for the effort they make. This will help your child develop positively and keep trying even if they have setbacks.

  1. Teach your child to cope with failure experiences

If your child can cope with failure experiences, it will be very useful for the rest of his life. Teach your child to accept that sometimes they will fail and that this is not bad. Show them what it’s like to lose or not to win gracefully, this will help them deal with setbacks in later life.

  1. Stimulate interests

Children with a broad interest later have more options. So encourage different interests and encourage your child to learn about things he or she finds interesting. That will ensure that they better understand boring subjects at school, especially if you respond to their interests in a creative way by linking this to what they learn at school.

  1. Four achievements

Teach your child to celebrate success and enjoy it. Both their own success and that of others, this gives your child something positive to strive for.

  1. Make successes possible

Give your child the opportunity to be successful and enjoy this together. Help them where needed. Supporting and guiding your child will help them build self-confidence, which is essential for intrinsic motivation.

  1. Discuss benefits

To be motivated about something, it is important to see the benefits. Discuss the benefits of a certain behavior or assignment with your child. Even as a parent, it can be important to understand why your child is motivated for something. Ask what benefits your child sees in something.

  1. Connect with the learning style

Some children sit still, listen and then absorb a lot of information. Some children not only want to listen but also see it. Others want to do children and apply something immediately. By aligning with your child’s learning style, there is more pleasure in learning something new.

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