Overwatch League: Blizzard cancels matches in China due to Coronavirus

Overwatch League: Blizzard Cancels Matches In China Due To Coronavirus 1

The next Overwatch League matches have been canceled, at least for the Chinese territory. The announcement comes directly from Blizzard Entertainment, which decides to postpone the events scheduled in China following the coronavirus epidemic.

This is a good choice, so that many people breathe soothes is or two.  To order to protect players and staff from the latest coronavirus that is plaguing China, and has begun strewing its stress to other areas of the world, the Overwatch League has officially gone on Twitter to declare that all games to China are cancelled for February and March. Most league players have been very hesitant to fly to the virus-crossing regions.  Together with the news, there was noticeable lack of updates as to where the matches will be played or whether they will be absolutely cancelled.

If this is the last team, they will struggle to match the entire loss in points, which means that the teams in the various cities of China are in a very skewed ranking.  In this regard, it would seem fair for the teams to play their games elsewhere, in an arena already set up and that can take over the stream; California has a magnificent arena called the Blizzard Arena, which still needs more people than experienced in radio games.  Admittedly, Blizzard is used to “trimming the fat” in the case of employees they do not think are needed anymore.

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The spread of the coronavirus continues an epidemic that has brought China to its knees and that is intimidating the rest of the world. The virus hampers the ordinary daily activities of citizens, as well as the organization of many events that would have taken place on Chinese territory. Among the most awaited celebrations by gamers, the Overwatch League would have entertained fans between February and March, but Blizzard was forced to cancel the next matches scheduled in the calendar with the aim of safeguarding the players and the fans themselves.

Overwatch League: matches postponed to the end of the season

There are four Chinese teams of the Overwatch League: the Chengdu Hunters , the Guangzhou Charge , the Hangzhou Spark and the Shanghai Dragons . The next games scheduled in the League calendar would have taken place in their respective cities, but, with the recent announcement by Blizzard, everything will shift to the last weeks of the current season – between July and August, indicatively.

Here is the official statement released by Blizzard Entertainment on Twitter and published on the Overwatch League website:

We have decided to cancel our February and March matches in China in order to protect the health and safety of our players, fans and staff. We hope that the fans will spend a safe and happy lunar New Year and we are still looking forward to play the Overwatch League matches in China at the end of this season. Thanks for your support and understanding.  By the time Blizzard made that decision, the death toll of coronaviruses rose to 170 – 37 deaths were recorded in Hubei. According to the latest news, there are 7,711 confirmed cases of infection. As a precautionary measure, most of the Chinese Overwatch League teams have moved their players to South Korea.

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