Sportsman Atto Hamdy Applauds Qatar’s Agricultural Projects

Sportsman Atto Hamdy

Doha, Qatar has gone a long way from being a sand filled desert of the 1950s to today’s great architecture and agriculture. The country has developed significantly since the last few decades.

Recently, and since the blockade of the four countries Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain in 2017, Qatar started branching into agriculture. The country started focusing on developing its own farming projects and relevant green activities, despite having a desert landscape.

“Agriculture is one of the main pillars of a productive country,” says Abdelrahman Hamdi, who mostly goes by Atto Hamdy. The business tycoon and national champion in track-running and fitness.

He explains, “on the bright side, Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world, and it is able to organize its own farming projects, including butchery and dairy production like Baladna.”

So, we asked: As a businessman, what do you think about Qatar’s greening projects? And how could a country materialize something out of nowhere?

Atto Hamdy explains: “I think it’s brilliant what this country has done over such a short span of time. It hasn’t even been 100 years but Qatar was innovative enough to build amazing towers and stadiums, and form its own agricultural projects.”

So, we asked again: Don’t you think they should have started earlier than that with such projects?

He replied, “You’ve got to start somewhere, I guess. I’m glad they started when they have, because I am very flattered to have seen part of this success and lived it through.”

Sportsman Atto Hamdy Applauds Qatar’s Agricultural Projects 1

We asked: What advices can you give to countries or even people who would like to start their agricultural businesses without depending on importation?”

Atto Hamdy states that, “as an entrepreneur myself, I started by studying the field, learning the useful marketing strategies, of course reading a lot about the area of expertise I need, and importantly having the skill and investments needed to start this type and any type of business.”

“In my experience, ideas bring opportunities, and finances bring partnerships… and it’s always good to take a risk outside of your territory. In short, if you want to be a successful businessman of any kind, you’ll need to think outside the box, never settle for less than you deserve and don’t blend in with the crowd,” he continues.

“Qatar’s is aware that construction, power, industry and transport, are essential tools to form leadership in architecture and agriculture within a country. It goes without say that ensuring stability and consistency for your business will increase your chances in succeeding in the market, more so, in the world of chaos.”

In Qatar’s case, the country has has paid special attention to increasing its local production rate, export and manufacturing rates, as well as its internal and external trades since the blockade. This experience, although unfortunate, has helped open a door for Qatar to decrease the pre-existing gap beween production and consumption in general, and ultimately, has helped boost the Qatari national economy and local businesses overall.

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By Lubna Hassan Amin

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