Standard Dental Procedures Done At Kitsilano

Standard Dental Procedures Done At Kitsilano

A dentist is qualified to treat diseases and other conditions that affect gums and teeth. Meeting a dentist could be an intimidating experience for some. However, a skilled Kitsilano dentist diagnoses and treats dental issues, which helps achieve the best oral health and bring out the most beautiful smile.

Kitsilano is a neighborhood located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is one of Vancouver’s most desirable neighborhoods. The place is known for beaches and restaurants. The median cost of living in Kitsilano is $2851.

Common Dental Procedures

A perfect set of teeth leads to a beautiful smile. Kitsilano is well-recognized for using advanced techniques in the field of dentistry. An experienced dentist in Kitsilano provides regular checkups, cleanings, and other detailed procedures like oral surgery and braces. The average salary of a Kitsilano dentist is $180,654, while the hourly wage of a dental assistant is $29.06.

People visit a dentist for many reasons, but there are a few standard procedures that everyone should be aware of.


Dental visits do not always have to be for painful treatments. Many visit a dentist to clean their teeth. Dental experts advise cleaning procedures once a year because it is essential for maintaining general oral health. Daily brushing with a toothbrush cannot compete with a dentist’s cleaning tools. Therefore, regular visits for cleaning are recommended to keep the tooth healthy.


Teeth whitening is a straightforward procedure that all dental clinics conduct to beautify darkened teeth. Over time teeth gets discolored due to an illness or persistent use of medicines. The whitening process is safer when it is performed by a professional. However, according to this dentist who does teeth whitening in Salem, some dental experts can also provide home teeth whitening kits depending on your situation.

Tooth Extractions

Even though tooth extraction doesn’t sound pleasant, an experienced dentist ensures the client’s comfort. Modern technology and techniques help make the extraction process less invasive. 


Veneers are a covering placed over the front set of teeth and help rectify stained teeth, chipped teeth, gaps, etc. Veneers help in fixing misshapen teeth. They help cover gaps where orthodontic treatment will not be suitable.


Tooth fillings are a procedure to fill a hole or cavity in the tooth. A cavity occurs due to the acid in the food and the body, which quickly breaks down the enamel when overexposed. The dentist usually removes the decayed tissue from the tooth and supplies it with filling material like gold, silver, cement, etc., depending upon the patient’s budget.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are also known as caps. It is a covering for a decayed or broken tooth because it provides safety, making the natural teeth stronger. The dentist advises a crown if the tooth cavity is big to fill or even when the top part of the tooth has decayed.

Root Canal

Many dread a root canal procedure because people associate it with unbearable pain. But that is not the case. A dentist numbs the area before starting the root canal procedure. The treatment involves cleaning and disinfecting the affected tooth from the inside and then filling and sealing it. It helps eliminate the bacteria from the infected root canal, thus preventing further infection and saving the tooth.


Braces align and straighten the teeth. They are used to correct open bites, gaps, crooked teeth, and other flaws, thus assisting in giving a perfect look. The traditional braces practice is becoming obsolete, and Invisalign has come into the picture. Invisalign is a clear aligner that helps straighten teeth without the look and feel of conventional metal braces.


A denture is a removable replacement for the missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. A denture is custom-made and eliminates issues associated with missing teeth or complete teeth loss.


Many people avoid visiting the dentist due to apprehensions. Others believe that their dental situation is perfect and requires no professional attention. But it is proven that regular dental visits safeguard one’s ability to smile and ability to speak and eat. A beautiful set of teeth also contributes to confidence in one’s personality. Therefore, if you reside in Kitsilano, visit a dentist for regular checkups.

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