The Latest Gig Economy Statistics That You Should Know About in 2022

Latest Gig Economy Statistics

Gig economy statistics keep on growing fiercely despite economic stagnation. The unprecedented level of the global economic downturn in the past few years has resulted in companies turning to the gig economy model. 

In today’s job market, when employees and employers need flexibility, working remotely is a very attractive option. This gig economy is one in which small jobs and tasks get completed from anywhere in the world. This makes the world smaller, with less friction, and closes the gap between employer and employee.

Read on to learn about the latest statistics on the gig economy for 2022 that you should know about.

1. Freelancing’s Total Income Is Almost $1 Trillion

There is a huge increase from the previous year’s total of $812 billion. It shows growth at an incredibly fast pace, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. This is good news for freelancers, as it means that there’s a lot of work out there for them to do. 

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2. 52% Of the US Workforce Will Be Gig Economy Workers

52% of the US workforce will be gig economy workers by 2028.

Gig workers are usually independent contractors, freelancers, or temporary workers.

3. 70% Of the Gig Market Has a Better Work-Life Balance

In the United States alone, 57 million people are now freelancers, which increased by 3.7 million from 2014. 70% of those in the gig economy say that they attain a better work-life balance compared to traditional employees.

This is due to the flexibility and control that this economy provides to its workers, with the ability to work when and where you want. It provides an opportunity for everyone to find work that fits their needs and schedule.

4. Male Independent Contractors Make Up 53% Of the Workforce

This is based on statistics from the latest annual report from Intuit, which provides software for small businesses and gig workers. The study found that male independent contractors make up 53% of the workforce in the United States.

The number of female contractors has increased in recent years, but they still only make up 47% of the total number of workers in this field. This economic data suggests that the gig economy is still predominately male-dominated, although there is a growing number of women who are participating in this type of work.

5. Millennial Gig Economy Statistics Have Increased by 48%

A recent study found that the gig economy jobs increased by 48% among millennials in the past years. Gig work can be done on a full-time or part-time basis from anywhere in the world.

This makes it a great option for millennials who are looking for a way to earn money that fits their lifestyle.

Start and Be a Part of the Latest Gig Economy Trend

The latest gig economy statistics show that the industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. This is good news for workers who are looking for flexibility and freedom in their careers.

If you’re thinking about becoming a part of the gig economy, now is the time to do it. With so many opportunities available, you’re sure to find the perfect gig for you.

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