Top 10 Tips For Beautiful Wedding Decor

Beautiful Wedding Decor

Choosing the right wedding decorations is typically one of the main priorities every bride has. Here are some of the top 10 tips to ensure you pick the right decorations for your big day.

1. Try to look at things in terms of an entire color palette instead of sticking to specific colors.

Adding more shades of different colors to your main color or by finding colors that accentuate your main color, you should add a level of depth that wouldn’t be there with a single color.

2. Using Various Textures

You will find a lot of the things you will be using including chair covers, linens, and sashes all come in a variety of different types of fabric. Because of this, you should feel free to use different textures of fabrics to spice things up.

3. Don’t Stick To The Same Shapes

Feel free to change the shapes of the tables you are using. You can always throw in some square and round tables along with different heights. That way, you can add a lot more variation to your design. A lot of the guests at weddings are used to entering a room and being greeted with all round tables. By changing the floor plan, you can make things much more interesting without raising the cost of your wedding.

4. Spice Up The Lighting

Lighting is something that you should look to leverage when you are designing your wedding. It has become increasingly common for brides to focus on lighting as much as they do their centerpieces. You can set different moods with lighting. This means you can manipulate lighting for photos, create a romantic atmosphere for dinner, and even get people up and dancing with it.

5. Don’t Feel The Need To Use Flowers

If you want to save money at your wedding and with the decor, don’t stick to the tradition of using flowers. You can create beautiful and vibrant centerpieces with other items. For instance, you could fill crystal or glass vases with water and a single flower in it. You could even consider decorating with vibrant fruits. Be creative and think outside of the box when decorating to save money. Wedding flowers by Supernova Glasgow

will inspire you with lots of stunning ideas.

6. Use Your Surroundings

Think about taking advantage of everything you’re surrounded with. It can be a lot more affordable to have your wedding reception in your backyard than to turn a ballroom into a garden. Therefore, you should be thinking about this when you are prepping for a place to host your wedding.

7. Strategically Place Your Arrangements

If you are looking to decorate on a budget rather than having to pay for centerpieces for every table, try to focus on getting an arrangement at the key areas of your reception. This could include your entryway and even at the different corners of your reception room.

8. Plan Ahead

You need to be planning for your decorations before sending out any invitations. Everything that can be seen at your reception should be considered a part of your wedding decor. This includes the way your food is being presented. Therefore, you will want to use strategy with your food planning to ensure it aligns with the overall presentation and theme of your wedding reception.

9. Your Cake Is Decoration

Don’t forget that your cake is a part of your wedding reception decor. You want your cake prominently displayed in your reception room because it should fit with your wedding’s theme. Putting money into your cake’s decoration can be money well spent because it can do a lot for the overall decor and ambiance.

10. Express Yourself

Always ensure that you are doing what you want for your wedding. You should be looking at magazines, articles, and more, but also consider your wishes. You can use the media you find as inspiration, but you want to factor in what you’ve always dreamed about. Magazines can be a good resource to help you find inspiration and to bring your creativity out.

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