Uncover Your Strength: A Straightforward Guide to Hormones That Help Build Muscle

Uncover Your Strength: A Straightforward Guide to Hormones That Help Build Muscle

Did you know that there are several types of hormones that help build muscle? That’s right! Hormones such as testosterone, insulin, cortisol, glucagon, epinephrine, and norepinephrine play key roles in bodybuilding.

If you want to master your hormones to maximize your muscles, here is everything you need to know about these hormones to get started.


Testosterone is a type of male hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands and testicles. This hormone contributes to muscle mass, sex drive, strength, and fat distribution and is one of the most important hormones when it comes to building muscle. The amount of testosterone your body produces will decrease as you age.

Testosterone is an anabolic and androgenic steroid hormone, meaning that it is responsible for male physical traits and body tissue growth.

For years, many people have used supplementary anabolic steroids to enhance their muscles. While it has been proven to deliver great results, the use of these steroids carries many dangerous health concerns, including liver cancer and heart attacks.


Created by your pancreas, insulin is a type of storage hormone that is released when you consume food. It harbors glycogen in your liver and muscles. Additionally, insulin helps your body’s amino acids to build muscle and restore damaged tissue.

In order to produce more insulin, you should eat a large amount of protein and carbs and exercise regularly. 


Referred to as a “stress hormone,” cortisol is made by your adrenal glands and is released in response to emotional or physical stress.

Cortisol helps to break down tissue and control inflammation.


Commonly called adrenaline, epinephrine is released when your body is in a stage of fight or flight. It raises your blood pressure by constricting arteries, allowing your heart to send more efficient oxygen levels to other parts of your body.


Glucagon mirrors insulin in that it creates a higher supply of glucose if you eat a diet that is extremely low in carbohydrates.

This hormone instructs your liver to release its storage of glucose. Moreover, it aids in muscle breakdown.

Hormones That Help Build Muscle for Bodybuilding

If you are trying to build your muscle mass, it’s important to be wary of some natural supplements that promise instant results. Other natural supplements are healthy. Check out these peptides to see what kind of supplements you should try.

Some athletes even go as far as utilizing performance-enhancing drugs, which are not only illegal but also extremely dangerous.

Instead of taking short cuts to bulk up your body, you can increase your muscle-building hormones naturally through good old fashion diet and exercise. Eating plenty of carbs before and during your workouts will help to increase certain types of hormones, such as cortisol. Regular exercise can also boost your testosterone level.

Bulk Up Your Body 

If you want to hone your body and build more muscle, it is critical to know the different kinds of hormones that help build muscle and how to use them to your full advantage.

Through safe natural supplements, plenty of exercise, and a healthy diet, you can get on the fast track to a bigger body. 

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