Factors to Consider When Looking for a Food Co-Packing Company

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Food Co-Packing Company

Today, outsourcing packaging services have become common in most businesses. When looking for co-packing services, you need to find the right company with the right certifications to handle your products. In addition, the company should have the necessary skills to ensure your food packaging project is a success. You can choose a food packaging company to offer contract packaging services that save your money and time.

Here are factors to consider when looking for food packing services:

1. Resourcefulness

It will help if you look for a co-packing partner like Rootree who is competent, innovative and a problem solver. You should go for a company that you are sure will help make your packaging project a success. Consider a company that can offer you design package support, help in sourcing for packaging materials and provide any other service you need for packaging.

Ensure the company you choose has experience managing packaging projects and selecting the right materials for packing to make a return on investment at the end of your project. In addition to the company having the right certifications needed for the packaging project, it is essential to work with professionals who know the whole packaging process from design to transportation of your final product.

2. Flexibility

Changes are unavoidable in a packaging project. Working with a flexible co-packaging partner can guarantee you they will respond to any arising changes as the project continues. However, it can be challenging if changes are coming up at the last minute of your project as they can interfere with the scheduling, planning and cause delays in completing the project. Therefore, you should consult the company you are looking forward to working with to know how they cope with changes and strategies they put in place to make sure the changes do not affect the project negatively.

Most packaging companies charge highly for rushed projects and pre-production runs.  Look for a company ready to do whatever it takes to deal with challenges that come along the project way, which are common in the packaging world. Ensure you have proper communication and make the packing company understand your project goals.

3. Location

When looking for a co-packaging company, it is essential to consider location. Select a company that is close to where your project will run. Also, you can choose a packaging company close to your raw product or customer base. Then, consider the size of the end product and your market to reduce transportation costs.

4. Budget

Although price is an important factor to consider, it should not be the only factor influencing your decision on which co-packaging company to hire. Consider the quality of service that matches what you will spend on packaging expenses. You can compare different co-packaging companies’ prices and check which is affordable.

Most co-packaging companies do not have an exact price for their services because every customer comes with unique needs, personality and random instructions.  Find out if the company has skilled labourers that will give professional services to match what you are paying them. Also, you can negotiate the price and ask for discounts if possible.

5. Capability

When contracting a packing company, you need to ensure they have the right personnel, workspace and machinery needed for the project. You cannot just assume things, but you need to ask. Inquire from the company the type of machinery they will be using for your project and ask them how they will ensure each step of the project is successful.

Do not commit to a specific packaging company until you are sure they have the capability of completing your project on time and efficiently. Ensure they prioritize your needs, and they are not beyond what they can do. You can check their history and feedback on similar project to yours that they have handled before.

6. Customers’ Reviews

Before choosing a co-packer, check out customers’ reviews and learn what other clients have to say about their services. Be cautious if most customers are saying negative things about the company. It shows their services are poor, and they are doing nothing about improving. Instead, choose a company that has more positive reviews than negative reviews.

You can ask for contacts of previous clients from the company who had similar needs to yours. You can ask them about their experience with the company paying attention to communication and problem-solving strategies. Then, make your decision after gathering enough information about the company, and you are sure they are right for you.

Bottom Line

A food packaging company that you will choose will have a contribution to your products’ profitability. A reputable packaging company will help in reducing costs and improve efficiency in the supply chain link. Ensure you choose a company that will bring success to your project. Check their experience, certifications and customers’ reviews to determine if the company will deliver desirable services.

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