Here is How Lanyards are Important for Small Businesses

Here Is How Lanyards Are Important For Small Businesses

Lanyards are basically pieces of rope or a belt on which the logo of the company is printed. The basic purpose of the lanyards is to show your identity. But there are also some other lanyards like fall arrest lanyards and lanyards for offloading things from ships. As the logo of the company is printed on the branded lanyards so they are also used for scanning purposes.

Types of Lanyards

There are lots of types of lanyards available according to your need. Following are some types of lanyards with a brief description:

1. Breakaway Lanyards:

These lanyards are the most familiar ones as we use them in everyday life. We usually tie it around our neck. These lanyards usually carry identity cards. Breakaway lanyards are made of soft material like polyester or fabric having a clip attached to them.

2. Beaded Lanyards:

Beaded lanyards are fancy ones, usually made up of pearls or beads. They are more like a fancy neckless than a lanyard.

3. Pocket Lanyards:

As the name shows these lanyards are tied to the pockets of jeans or with the belt. These smaller lanyards can carry your identity card and keys.

4. Full Color Lanyards:

These lanyards are colorful and funky. They can be the same as breakaway lanyards. These are also made up of soft fabric.

5. Double-Ended Lanyards:

Double-ended lanyards are the same as others with only one difference i.e. it has two hooks attached to both ends. With two hooks you can clip more than one thing with it.

6. Tubular Lanyards:

Tubular lanyards are lightweight shoelaces like lanyards. They are more comfortable to wear.

7. Woven Lanyards:

Woven lanyards are woven with the logo or you can say the name of the company instead of printing with ink. This increases the life of the lanyards.

8. Leather Lanyards:

As the name indicates leather lanyards are made up of leather. These lanyards are considered the most durable and strong.

9. Fall protection/ arrest Lanyards:

These lanyards are different from others due to their function and nature. They are made up of strong and highest quality material like leather. These are used by workers of construction companies for their safety.

Lanyards as corporate gifts:

Corporate gift is a package consisting of different things from daily life. A corporate gift package can consist of vinyl stickers, collapse cups or ties, etc. But yes you can also add lanyards to the corporate gift package. It would surely be a unique corporate gift package. You can make a complete corporate gift package with different types of lanyards like customized woven lanyards, fabric and leather lanyards. 

Things that Lanyards can carry:

There are a lot of things that you can hook with your lanyard. Following is the long list of that things:

1) Identity cards:

An identity card is a thing that should be kept easy to access so you can hook your IDs with the lanyards.

2) Keys:

Keys can also be clipped with the lanyards so that you could not face worry while finding it.

3) Wallets:

You can also attach your wallets with the pocket lanyards. In such a case, you would not face difficulty while fining your credit card.

4) Face masks and Hand sanitizers:

As face masks and hand sanitizers are the new normal since the covid pandemic so they can also be hooked with the lanyards. That way you can easily wear a mask where needed and you don’t need to wear it all day long.

5) Flashlights:

Suppose you are hiking at night or you are labor working in mines so you really need to carry a flashlight with you. Again lanyards are the best way to carry a keychain flashlight.

6) Whistles:

If you are a traffic controller, referee during a match, or security guard you always need a whistle to perform your duty so you can attach it to your lanyard and wear it around the neck.

7) Eyeglasses/ Sunglasses:

Eyeglasses or sunglasses can also be attached to the lanyards and worn around the neck, so you can save your time in searching for them while they are not around.

8) USB Flash drive and Mobile Phones:

One can also clip his USB or mobile phone with lanyards. As there are some lanyards available which are strong enough to carry them.

9) Stationary:

If you are a teacher or an architect and always need a pencil or sharpener while working so simply attach them to your lanyards.

Who needs to wear Lanyards?

There is a long list of professionals who need lanyards while on duty. Following is the detail.

I. Teachers and Students:

They need their ids and keys with them while moving from one classroom to other so they can simply wear lanyards that carry their belongings.

II. Doctors and paramedics:

There are certain hospitals that issued tractable ids to their staff. So lanyards make it easy for the health personals to easily carry their cards while moving from one wing to the other in rush.

III. Security personnel and Lifeguard:

As they carry whistles with them so they can clip them with lanyards. Besides whistles security personnel also need access cards to gain entry into the building as security buildings have set up door scanners.

IV. Military employees:

Lanyards have very special importance for the armed forces as they clip their important stuff with them like compass or maps etc. during duty.

V. Entry Passes:

If you are going to an event for which you need to carry a pass, lanyards would again help you to attach your pass with it.

VI. Builders:

The labor community also wears fall protection lanyards which protect them from falling from height as these are made up of very strong and tough material.


Lanyards have made our daily life easy as it organizes our everyday use items efficiently. Lanyards can be a great option for the corporate gift package as it is a very useful thing. 

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