The Fascinating Cosmic Origin of Gold

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Man has been gazing at objects since the Stone Age, wondering what they are all about and wondering how they were created. We have gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom since those times, and we thought we knew that heavy metals come from supernovae, the destruction of stars, yet in 2015, astronomers detected very high levels of europium, which is rarer than gold. It turns out that heavy elements such as gold, silver and platinum are not made during a supernova, rather they are created when stars spiral together and merge into one.

Neutron Star

Neutron stars are super-dense heavenly bodies and when such a star is pulled into a black hole, the resulting explosions are now known to produce gold, silver and platinum. These heavy elements are scattered throughout the universe, landing wherever, ready to form the basis of life, which really does lean towards the theory that we are not alone in the universe.

Collecting Gold Coins

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Two Neutron Stars Merge In 2017

This event is celebrated in the scientific world, as the data received verified that two neutron stars merged in a galaxy that was 100 million light years away. This set off a wave of gravitational radiation that finally reached Earth and the data was collated at the University of California in Santa Cruz, which conclusively proved that heavy elements were made from neutron stars merging. It may be that supernovae do create small amounts of heavy metals, yet we now know that the majority of heavy metals are formed from neutron stars merging.

Gold Is Everywhere

Scientists have no choice but to concur that gold and other heavy metals are found all over the cosmos, when specific conditions are in place, yet despite that fact, we only have access to the gold on our planet, at least until we manage to become an inter-planetary species.

Gold As A Form Of Investment

As the global economy reels from the effects of the pandemic, many investors are taking their wealth out of stocks and shares, preferring to invest in gold bullion. Search online for a leading gold bullion dealer near you and take the first steps to becoming a gold investor.

We don’t really know how much gold remains undiscovered on our planet. Mining continues and the circulation of gold bullion is carefully regulated. There are probably quite a few caches of gold that have yet to be discovered and for the small-time investor, gold bullion is a wise investment in 2022.

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