Full Copyright of the Music of “Look at me Habibi!

Complaint (Medellin Agency) for the full copyright of the music of “Look at me Habibi!” of unknown people who stole it Recently, the music “Look at me, Habibi!” was stolen…

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8 Ways People In The Music Industry Have Given Back To Communities 2

8 Ways People in the Music Industry Have Given Back to Communities

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a groundswell of support from the music industry for various causes. From charities to non-profits, musicians from all genres use their platforms and…

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Does Music Production Courses Have Good Growth In Uk 2022

Does Music Production Courses have Good Growth in UK 2022

Numerous budding music producers are curious to know if it’s worthwhile to invest the time, finances, and effort required to undertake a music production course in the UK in 2022….

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Adult Music Classes Can Get A Little More Enjoyable With Some Tips 4

Adult Music Classes can Get a Little More Enjoyable with Some Tips

Learning a new musical instrument comes with a range of advantages, including muscle coordination and improving memory. If you never got a chance to get your music classes as a…

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5 Steps To Getting Your Music Featured In Blogs And Magazines

5 Steps to Getting Your Music Featured in Blogs and Magazines

Magazines are a big deal anywhere in the world. Whether online or in print, getting featured in one can be a great career launcher for many. The numerous opportunities that…

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Khao Music And Amada

Khao Music and Amada Records Team Up For New Powerful Single Release

Amada Records joins Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated music producer Kevin “Khao” Cates, T.I., and Joyner Lucas in the fight for justice for our people! Khao is not only a Grammy-nominated music producer,…

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Musical Journey Of Lil Wicked 7

Musical Journey of Lil Wicked

Musical Journey of Lil Wicked From growing up in the hood to garnering a huge fan base, Lil Wicked has come a long way in his musical journey  Lil Wicked…

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