Khao Music and Amada

Khao Music and Amada Records Team Up For New Powerful Single Release

Amada Records joins Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated music producer Kevin “Khao” Cates, T.I., and Joyner Lucas in the fight for justice for our people! Khao is not only a Grammy-nominated music producer,…

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Musical Journey of Lil Wicked 1

Musical Journey of Lil Wicked

Musical Journey of Lil Wicked From growing up in the hood to garnering a huge fan base, Lil Wicked has come a long way in his musical journey  Lil Wicked…

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tips for music download

Tips for Music Downloads

About ten or fifteen years ago, you probably have gone to a store to buy a record, a cassette or a CD for a certain musician or a particular song….

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