Full Copyright of the Music of “Look at me Habibi!


Complaint (Medellin Agency) for the full copyright of the music of “Look at me Habibi!” of unknown people who stole it

Recently, the music “Look at me, Habibi!” was stolen by unknown people from Russia, Turkey, this music belongs to Javad Safaee and Mohsen Avid, arranged by Jamos Parsa, which was published by the label “Medellin Music”.

In 2020, this music won the gold award at the private Dubai festival, which was made for a part of the movie “Fast and Furious 8 in Dubai”.

Also, some news agencies such as 24 Hip Hop and Hip Hop Since 1987 confirmed that this music was stolen by unknown people, and Javad Safaee and Mohsen Avid announced that some well-known music artists “Look at me Habibi!” have stolen and published on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify and received a lot of views and have lost the rights of Javad Safaee and Mohsen avid and Medellin Music label.

“Checking for registered licenses that have used a published piece, as well as identifying an unlicensed product.”

While publishers are responsible for the protection of all copyrights, ASCAP, BMI or SESAC take care of performance rights and HFA is responsible for mechanical rights for reproduction and distribution, artists are assured that their works will not be misused in any way. They will be confident.

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