What Are the Different Types of Security Services That Exist Today?


For small businesses, physical security threats are on the rise.

Although the world’s dependence on the Internet continues to rise, physical security is still important to a business’s success. Despite this, too many small businesses fall victim to shoplifters, burglars, and identity thieves.

By understanding their security system options, small business owners can enhance their business’s security response system — and therefore, protect their revenue.

But what are their options? How can these systems defend businesses from physical security threats?

Keep reading to learn more. Below, we’ll explain a few different types of security services for small businesses.

Intrusion Detection

24/7 on-site surveillance is costly and not financially feasible for many small businesses. However, without a security mechanism in place after hours, businesses are subject to theft. If no one’s on-site, then burglars can break into a business without interruption.

If visible, an intrusion detection system will set off alarms if a business is broken into. It will also function as a visual security deterrent to ward off thieves. Once it sounds off, criminals will most likely also leave the premises before they can complete their crimes.

Both business owners and local authorities will also be alerted of the intrusion. Local authorities will respond to the alert and arrive at the business premises as soon as possible. They can then apprehend criminals still attempting to carry out their crimes.

Master Key System

Physical keys are free from the risks associated with digital security mechanisms. But they also come with their own risks, necessitating a master key system. This type of security system organizes locks according to hierarchy with one “master key” at the top.

The master key can open many locks. Below the master key may be numerous sub-master key levels that can open fewer locks than the master key but are still able to open multiple locks. At the very bottom are many other keys that can only fit into one lock.

Fewer levels in a master key system mean better overall security. This means that fewer people can possess the means to access restricted areas of a facility with only one key.

Remote Monitoring

A basic video recording can help business owners hold criminals accountable after the fact. But what about stopping crimes while they’re happening? How can supervisors monitor more of their facilities at once, and more conveniently?

Remote monitoring offers a more convenient and more efficient security system than basic surveillance recording systems. This way, business owners can monitor their facilities even when they’re not on-site. They can also view video feeds from multiple areas of the area at once.

It’s better to prevent security and safety concerns instead of waiting to fix them. This way, fewer people get hurt and you’re able to have better supervisory oversight.

Security Services for Small Businesses

Affording every expense isn’t practical for newly evolving businesses. However, whenever it’s possible, business owners should still invest in their company’s security and safety. Doing so will minimize incidents on-site and sustain a brand reputation of reliability.

This guide keys readers into a few security services small businesses can use. If it helped you upgrade your security strategy, check out the rest of our blog! We’ve got plenty of other content for entrepreneurs such as you.

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