Significance of Adamlab Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzers

What is the significance of the Adamlab Moisture Analyzer?

Moisture Balance

A moisture balance, also called a moisture analyzer, measures the amount of moisture in a substance. This is particularly helpful in food processing labs as the amount of moisture can be an indicator of freshness and quality for some foods. These analyzers are also commonly used in environmental, pharmaceutical, and materials science labs. There are several techniques that may be used to measure moisture. Some techniques used include measuring water vapor released following combustion of the sample, measuring the difference in weight after removal of moisture from the sample, and measuring the equilibrium of water vapor of the sample in a closed system. Some things to take into consideration when purchasing a moisture balance include capacity, precision, speed, method of measurement, software, and whether the samples to be measured come in solid or liquid form.


The Adamlab Moisture Analyzer uses thermo gravimeter to determine the moisture content of liquids, pastes, and solidsā€”convenient, reliable, and extremely short. The Moisture Analyzer is a new type of rapid moisture analyzer that provides rapid and reproducible results and supports the development of new methods. While the moisture analyzer measures the weight of the sample, the infrared heating unit and the moisture evaporation channel quickly dry the sample. During the drying process, the moisture analyzer continuously measures and instantly displays the moisture content% of the sample. After the drying process is completed, the moisture content is determined. The value is locked.


The moisture analyzer can improve the working efficiency very well. The moisture results provided by it, the advanced heating and result prediction technology, and the temperature control capability ensure fast and uniform heating of the sample, so as to quickly obtain accurate and repeatable results. Data; the instrument comes with a bright touch display to provide you with real-time drying curve, let you understand the test process very intuitively; automatic control icons can predict the change trend of moisture content, and independent control settings can directly determine whether the moisture content is qualified Disqualification simplifies your operation steps and improves work efficiency.


The concept of water activity is an important parameter for the food and pharmaceutical industries. It refers to the energy state of water in the product, the degree of water in the product that can be used by microorganisms, and the basic data for the growth of enzymes and microorganisms. Water in products, such as food, is restricted to different ingredients, such as protein, salt, and sugar. These chemically bound waters do not affect microorganisms. The more water bound, the less water vapor can be evaporated, so the more water content in the product does not mean that the partial pressure of water vapor on its surface must be high, the equilibrium relative humidity must be large, and the microorganisms must be more active. Water activity has a great impact on product stability (resistance to microorganisms, fragrance retention), has a significant impact on powder agglomeration, chemical stability, and physical characteristics such as paper size.

From the definition of water activity, it is easy to see that water activity is extremely important in predicting food safety and predicting related microbial growth, biochemical reaction rate, and stability of physical properties. By measuring and controlling the water activity of food with a moisture analyzer, you can do the following:

  1. Predict which microorganisms are potential sources of damage and pollution;
  2. Ensure chemical stability of food;
  3. Minimize non-enzymatic oxidation reaction and fat non-enzymatic oxidation;
  4. Extend enzyme activity and vitamins in food
  5. Optimize the physical properties of food, such as texture and shelf life.

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