Tinnitus 911 Review: Phytage Labs Supplement Tested

Tinnitus 911 Review: Phytage Labs Supplement Tested 1

Tinnitus 911 Review: Phytage Labs Supplement Tested

Imagine experiencing a constant ringing or similar annoying sound, in your head, or ear that doesn’t go away. Feels strange, Right? Well, it is estimated that about 15-20% of people go through this discomforting phenomenon called tinnitus. Tinnitus is sound in the head with no external source. Tinnitus 911 is a safe and effective organic supplement that was developed by PhytAge Labs, a highly reputable and renowned name in the world of organic supplements. This supplement is an all-natural solution that is dedicated to fight tinnitus and to shut those ringing and buzzing noises in your heads.


After suffering from tinnitus for years, Charlie Gaines did everything possible to get rid of this annoying problem, but all in vain. From normal home remedies to expensive sound therapies, he tried almost 25 different things, but nothing worked. At this point, he decided to take things into his hands. After diving deep into research, he finally came up with a formula that is highly effective, has no side effects.

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Several scientific studies concluded that chronic tinnitus has nothing to do with ear. These studies suggested that tinnitus is caused when the part of the brain that is responsible for processing sound gets damaged, the brain can’t process the sounds you hear correctly. Your brain actually mixes up the signals, and the result is a constant buzzing or ringing noise. Tinnitus 911 works by focusing on the root cause of tinnitus, repairing damaged brain cells, and also by enhancing cerebrum wellness and working.

Working of this supplement can be divided into several stages:

Stage 01: Reducing ringing:

In the first step, this supplement works for its major purpose i.e., to reduce ringing and other disturbing sounds.

Stage 02: Clearing the mind:

Once ringing is eliminated, Tinnitus 911 works to clear the mind. Olive us the key ingredient that helps in this function.

Stage 03: Enhancing memory:

It contains Niacin and Garlic that are capable of fighting dizziness and focus problems. These components enhance the memory of an individual and thereby improve his cognitive behavior.

Stage 04: Energizing the brain:

Tinnitus 911 is formulated by using ingredients that promote regeneration and activation of brain cells. When brain cells are revitalized, the functioning of the brain is improved.


Tinnitus 911 is chemical-free i.e., it does not contain any synthetic chemical. It is formulated by using all-natural ingredients that to are of high quality to ensure maximum efficiency and safety of the product. Ingredients of this supplement are as follow:

Vitamin B:

Tinnitus 911 contains different types of vitamin B:

  • Vitamin B6: It ensures the body utilize and store energy from protein and carbohydrates in food.
  • Niacin: Also known as Vitamin B3, Niacin helps to keep the nervous system healthy.
  • Folic Acid: According to recent studies, Folic acid is associated with a slower rate of hearing loss. It also metabolizes homocysteine, which is an amino acid that can reduce and impair blood flow to the inner ear.
  • Vitamin B12: It has been observed that there is vitamin B12 deficiency in people suffering from tinnitus, and vitamin B12 supplementation can help in reducing disease.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is commonly found in a lot of supplements and helps protect cells.


Garlic is commonly used in other tinnitus supplements too. It is suggested that it helps reduce tinnitus symptoms.

Hibiscus Flower:

Hibiscus flower is capable of reducing high blood pressure. It is believed that symptoms of tinnitus worsen with increased BP. So, hibiscus is added in the formulation to naturally reduce BP, and hence symptoms of tinnitus are also reduced.

Olive Leaf:

Olive leaves have the potential to protect the central nervous system and reduce inflammation. Many believe that inflammation in the body can increase tinnitus severity.

Hawthorne Berry:

This natural ingredient can be used to prevent anxiety and panic attacks. So, this berry is used to limit the amount of anxiety experienced by those with tinnitus. However, much more research is needed.

Other Ingredients:

Other ingredients that are incorporated in the formulation are Buchu Leaves, Uva UrsiJuniper Berry, Green Tea.

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By proper use of the supplement, you can obtain the following benefits:

  1. You will get rid of ringing or other annoying sounds that seem to never shut off.
  2. It will boost up your memory naturally.
  3. It will enhance the clarity of your mind. As a result, your focus and level of concentration is improved.
  4. It will magically reduce all other complications related to tinnitus, such as headache, dizziness, and nausea.
  5. It will return your peace of mind, therefore improving your cognitive functions.


Although there are many other products available that claim to treat tinnitus, following are the important points that make Tinnitus 911 superior to other commercially available brands:

  1. This supplement is dedicated to serving people suffering from this problem. Unlike other brands, the quality of the product is the priority of it. All of their ingredients are of extremely high quality.
  2. Tinnitus 911 is way cheaper than other commercially available treatments. Sound therapy and therapy cost you a splendid amount of money. While this supplement claims to treat you only in 120$, moreover, they are also providing a limited time discount in which you can get a product for only 65$.
  3. All ingredients used are scientifically proven and are incorporated in proper potency to ensure the high efficiency of the product.
  4. Unlike other brands, Tinnitus 911 offers you a 100% money-back guarantee and customer satisfaction. Other brands also claim to give a money-back guarantee, but they don’t give money back at all.


Tinnitus 911 is formulated by using all-natural ingredients in proper potency. Not a single synthetic chemical is used. There is no side effect reported when used as prescribed.


It is suggested to take two pills a day for about three months in order to get rid of tinnitus and improve mental health completely.


Tinnitus is a common problem faced by a lot of people in the world. In most cases, it is acute and goes off in a few days. However, in chronic cases, it persists for years. Tinnitus, at times, could be very annoying, disturbing, and can interfere with your day to day tasks. Unfortunately, there is no proper medication for this, and supplements are related to get rid of it. Tinnitus 911 is one of the brands that fulfill what it claims and has helped many individuals in fighting this problem and living happy life again. If you or any of your loved one is suffering from the same condition, then don’t waste money on expensive and useless therapies. Give “Tinnitus 911” a try and buy only from the official website listed bellow.

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